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Enjoy the liberty of driving a car without having to buy one! Rent a car in Kochi and enjoy the luxury of a ride on a bigger, fancier car with IndusGo. IndusGo is one of the largest car rental service providers in Kochi offering an incredible service portfolio for all budgets and requirements. We have the largest fleet of budget and luxury cars for rent in Kochi location. With a rental car from IndusGo, say good-bye to the troubles of public transportation and the sky-high taxi fares. The car rentals in Kochi from IndusGo make your travels easier, affordable, and provide maximum privacy and freedom.

Kochi is a wonderful place and a famous tourist attraction with lots of places to visit, things to do and landmarks to explore in and around. The city has experienced the intermingling of many cultures since the yesteryears that has left its unmistakable marks on the history and culture of Kochi. If you are looking to rent a car in Kochi or anywhere in the state of Kerala, we have got you covered.

Self Drive Cars in Kochi

Be it a much needed holiday or business trip in Kochi, IndusGo offers car rental services in Kochi to make your journey the most enjoyable and comfortable. The major highlight of IndusGo is our self-drive cars in Kochi which come with 24x7 road assistance, insurance coverage, and more. By opting for self-drive cars in Kochi from IndusGo, you need not have to block a seat or pay additional money to the driver. It doesn't matter which type of rental car you are looking for, our extensive fleet includes small economy cars, convertibles, luxury cars, and everything in between. Just explore Kerala's most popular tourist spots and diverse neighbourhoods renting a car in Kochi without a driver. 

Rent a Car in Kochi from IndusGo

Nothing can compare with the joy of travelling via a car at your disposal that can take you places you want and help you enjoy things that you want to do. With IndusGo, you can rent a car in Kochi and enjoy the beauty of Kerala, experiencing the utmost travel comfort and the ease of exploring places at the pace you want. IndusGo self-drive car rentals in Kochi allow you to enjoy security and privacy which you may not get in public transportation. You can also travel comfortably with elderly family members and kids via a car. 

However, not all of us can afford to buy a car.

This is what makes the car rentals a perfect travel solution for all the people that don’t have one. Hiring a car comes with many other benefits such as freebies, discounts and offers, options to choose the car you wish to travel in, safety, security and privacy.

IndusGo offers self-drive car rentals in Kochi at unbeatable prices with unparalleled services. Also, we provide car rentals with and without fuel and with round the clock road assistance. 

What makes IndusGo the best choice for rental cars in Kochi?

There are many situations that call for travelling by car when you go for a family visit, travelling with kids and family, honeymoon, solo travels, group travel, celebrating important days and occasions at some distant location or weekend travel. The list is endless.

There are many official scenarios as well that call for the people to travel every now and then and that too without their car. 

In all these situations, renting a car is the best choice; Right?

However, it is often hard to find a reliable company in Kochi to rent a car as there are many options to choose from and all of them claim to be the best!

So, the best way to find out the most reliable self drive car rentals in Kochi is to check the service portfolio of the company. When it comes to renting a car in Kochi, IndusGo is one of the finest choices to make your travel comfortable. Check out the impressive bouquet of services offered by IndusGo that makes us the best choice in car rental companies. Offering premium self-drive cars in Kochi, we are not just providing a convenient travel option but a secure and reliable travel solution you can trust throughout your journey. 

  • Ease of Booking and Payments

We offer 100% online bookings with hassle-free payments and returns. Instant refunds, easy cancellations and discounts for new and regular customers – we know that every rupee you invest in us is hard-earned and value that!

  • Flexible Rent a car options

IndusGo Kochi offers you rental car services on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. All of this comes with the fact that there is a large fleet of cars to choose from and minimum paperwork to tackle for longer rentals. 

  • Pickup and Drop-off Points all around Kochi

Don’t want to drop the car at the place you picked it up? Don’t want to pick-up a car from some busy location? Travelling outside Kochi and want to leave the car at your destination?

Well, worry not! We’ve got your backs.

We offer home delivery for cars and also allow our customers to choose the pickup and drop-off points for the cars as per their wishes. All the details can be submitted at the time of booking and you can travel as you want.

  • Unbeatable Rates for cars

We offer the cheapest rates to rent a car in Kochi; that is less than 100 INR! Further, you don’t have to pay any security deposit as we have a ZERO security deposit policy. You can book a car with or without fuel and in petrol or diesel models

  • Perks

We offer lots of perks such as free kilometres packages, discounts for new customers and points for the regular ones. We are big on savings and best when it comes to services. All of this comes with the seal of trust and quality that the name IndusGo stands for since its inception as a Maruti dealer. We have bagged many awards and rankings in the past decades and have a reputation we earned with our commitment to quality.So, we hope that you must have understood what makes us the best name when it comes to renting a car in Kochi.Now, let us take a look at the booking procedure we have.

Rent a Car in Kochi - IndusGo Booking Process

Renting a car in Kochi with IndusGo is quite easy. To book your self drive cars in Kochi, follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to

  2. Submit the details such as: Pickup city or place, Drop-off city or place, Pickup Date, Drop-off Date

  3. Press the ‘Search’ button and choose an option from the ones displayed on your screen.

  4. That’s all it takes to book a car rental in Kochi. 

Now that we have covered all the aspects of hiring a car with IndusGo, let us make some nice suggestions regarding the places you can explore around Kochi. Read more about renting a car from other cities in Kerala. 

Amazing Road Trips from Kochi

Here is a list of places you can visit around Kochi:  

  • Kochi to Munnar

  • Kochi to Kovalam

  • Kochi to Thekkady

  • Kochi to Alappuzha

  • Kochi to Wayanad

  • Kochi to Kumarakom

  • Kochi to Kannur 

Contact us or call on +91 953 958 0000 today to book your favourite car and enjoy driving around Kochi.

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