Rent a self drive car in Chennai airport at affordable prices on IndusGo. Book self drive cars online with the lowest security deposit. Doorstep delivery available.

Car Rental in Chennai Airport

IndusGo brings a new degree of seamless and effortless travel by offering a large fleet of cars ranging from economy to luxury for self drive car rental in Chennai Airport. Stop waiting in long taxi queues after a journey by booking IndusGo car for rent in Chennai Airport. Stop fretting over the prices of cabs and uncomfortable travel experiences in public transport. Simply make the bookings online and find a car of your choice waiting for you at the airport even before you land. The impeccable service portfolio offered by us is loaded with advantages and budget-efficient options for all the travellers. At IndusGo, you can find the most flexible and the most reliable self-driven car rental options. 

Find out more about the rental services offered by IndusGo and what makes them the best. Find what makes the self-driven car rentals the best travelling option and make all travelling experiences the best with us.

Self Drive Car Rental in Chennai International Airport

Chennai Airport is one of the busiest Airports in India that experiences a huge footfall ranging in thousands every 24 hours. Among the people thronging the place are business travellers, tourists, people visiting friends or families, and lots more. All of them have different budgets, yet wish for a comfortable journey to their destination and nothing can solve this requirement like a self-drive car rental that shapes itself according to your travel needs. At IndusGo, you can rent a car in Chennai Airport for different durations of time such as hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. Bookings start from less than INR 100 and come with delightful surprises such as discounts for new customers and economy packages with free kilometers. Further, you can travel without having to worry about travelling with a stranger as your driver. We enable all our clients to experience travelling at your ease and exploring Chennai as you want. 

So, simply log on to and ride the wheels you want to trail the roads you want!

Advantages of Car rental in Chennai International Airport Vs Taxi/Cabs

When it comes to travelling beyond the Airport after landing there, taxis and cabs are the foremost options. However, travelling via them comes with many downers such as:

  • Travelling with some stranger and an unknown driver

  • Expensive rides

  • Lesser room for price negotiation 

  • Inability to take as many halts or stoppages as you wish

  • Lack of privacy

  • Lack of safety for solo women travellers and all-female groups

At IndusGo, we have been catering to the automobile industry for decades now and understand the entire spectrum of travelling needs people have. So be it families with elderly members or families with or without kids; be it a group of young explorers with the budget being limited; be it a destination celebration of some special occasion or an exotic Indian trip – IndusGo car rentals have something for everyone!

Why Self Drive Car Rental from Chennai Airport with IndusGo?

Here are some of the key reasons to choose IndusGo to book a self drive car in Chennai Airport. IndusGo is one of the most reputed names in the automobile industry in all the major parts of South India and has also been ranked as the Number 1 Maruti Dealer in India. With rich experience and hard-earned reputation spanning over decades, IndusGo is a name that you can trust with your eyes closed. We understand the different needs of the diverse spectrum of travelling and offer a highly flexible service portfolio for all our customers. 

Our expert understanding of the travel sector empowers us to excel at all our competitors and makes us the best travel partner for all intents and purposes. 

Find out the perks you can enjoy while travelling with us

  • Safety you can count on

  • All our cars are sanitized using the best preventive hygiene practises as advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Our drivers are always equipped with personal protective gear including masks and gloves while delivering cars at your doorstep. Contactless payment with digital agreements and e-receipts are in place for your safety. 

  • Affordable self-drive cars in Chennai Airport and anywhere in Chennai

  • Flexible car rentals spanning from hours to years

  • 24X7 road assistance

  • Secure, safe and private travelling anywhere at any time

  • Doorstep delivery of cars

  • Flexible car pick-up and drop-off points 

  • Zero Security Deposit

  • A large fleet to choose from

  • Bookings start under INR 100

  • Bookings available with or without fuel

  • No paperwork

So, IndusGo is an exemplary travel partner and offers the best Chennai Airport car services for people with all kinds of budgets and all kinds of travelling requirements!

Now that you have grasped all the information, let us move ahead and check out the nearest attractions around Chennai Airport that you can explore as per your preferences and itineraries.

What makes us much better than the conventional taxi and cab system

1.The option to drive yourself in the car of your choice:

At IndusGo, you can choose a car of your choice from a large fleet comprising options from economy to Luxury. You can book all the cars online with Zero Security Deposit in just three steps. As soon as you alight from your flight, the car will be waiting for you at the Airport and you can speed-off to your destination without any hassle.

2. We Care for your POCKETS!

IndusGo car rentals start from under INR 100 and are available on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This is extremely suitable for the business travellers that need a car for a few hours only and also for the travellers that are on a long trip. 

Our Free Kilometre packages and discounts for new and recurring customers are the other perks we offer to make journeys and travels easier on your pockets.

3. Everything as you want!

Travelling with IndusGo comes with an unbeatable service portfolio that encompasses amazing services such as:

  • Car pick-up and drop-off places of your choice

  • ZERO security deposit

  • 24X7 road assistance 

  • 100% verified, registered and reliable vehicles

  • Online bookings with or without fuel

4. Privacy and Security is no Concern!

While travelling via a cab or taxi, you have to be mindful of your safety and security. You also have to censor your communication while travelling with your family and friends because an unknown driver is travelling with you. You cannot travel in complete freedom and might also face privacy issues in case you are travelling with infants that need diaper changes and feeding sessions or your spouse. 

IndusGo offers cars for rent in Chennai Airport so that you can simply travel effortlessly as if you are travelling via your own car. 

5. Time and money – We conserve both!

When you have a car at your disposal, you can travel anytime you want and don’t have to spend on the local commuting such as auto-rickshaws and buses. You can also travel without fretting over the time-tables of trains and buses. So, plan your trips with IndusGo and spend more time exploring new destinations instead of waiting for your car or bus!

Further, the Chennai Airport taxi services come with painfully long queues which bring down your spirits instantly. 

We aim to make travelling more comfortable, more affordable, and more secure for everyone. And, our flexible self-drive car rentals are one of the best ways to do that!

How to book a rental car in Chennai with IndusGo?

If you are wondering about how to book self drive cars in Chennai Airport, we have you covered. Booking a car with IndusGo is fast and easy:

1. Log on to and you will find the booking panel on your screen

2. Submit the following details:

  • Pickup city or place. If you plan to start your journey from Chennai Airport, select the same accordingly.

  • Drop-off city or place. You can choose to either drive your car back to where you started from and opt for a pick up from your home or you can choose a drop-off point anywhere outside Chennai too. 

  • Pickup Date

  • Drop-off Date

3. On pressing the ‘Search’ button, all available options will be available on your screen, Choose as per your budget and according to the number of people. Simple! 

What cars are available?

IndusGo has an array of the newest cars across all categories, be it an SUV, a compact-SUV, a MUV, a sedan, a hatchback, or a luxury car. With unbeatable prices for hatchback cars starting as low as INR 800 for a day, IndusGo is guaranteed to satisfy your needs, even on a budget! Plan on a trip with the extended family? Taking your kids’ basketball team to the amusement park? Is your family full of heavy packers requiring ample boot space? Check out the options among the SUVs such as the Fortuner, Ecosport, Innova, and XUV, starting at INR 1800 per day. Want to experience extravagance for a special weekend? Have an anniversary or Valentine’s Day surprise planned with a loved one? Pick one of our high-end luxury cars starting from INR 5500 for an entire weekend!

Self-drive cars from Chennai City

Chennai is a special city that captures the hearts of citizens and visitors alike. Having roots dating back thousands of years, Chennai boasts of historic landmarks that hold world records such as the Central Prison, which is the oldest prison in the world and the Higginbothams book store, which was built in the 1840s. A pioneer in the IT field as well as in the Gold market, Chennai is among the leading metropolitan cities in the country. Whether it is the beautiful beaches or the innumerable temples, Chennai promises to be a unique cultural and holistic experience for every tourist. 

Car-rental in Chennai

IndusGo offers cars for self-drive via a quick and convenient method at your door-step or any desired location with a number of options based on the number of people and your budget. For example, want a quick ride to tourist spots within the city? Opt for a hatchback for easy travel and parking. If you are planning a weekend trip to Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram, or Tirupathi, pick from one of our SUVs for a more comfortable journey.

About IndusGo

IndusGo promises an experience that is hassle-free and convenient for self-drive cars for any requirement. No more worrying about hidden charges, fuel surges, and car break-downs! Available in many cities across the country, IndusGo is an easy choice due to its years of the reputed name in the automobile industry. Booking a car has never been easier with the guarantee of reliable cars and safe deliveries. 

Attractions to see around Chennai Airport in a rental car

Some of the most notable places to visit near Chennai Airport with a rental car are as follows:

St.Thomas Mount National Shrine. 

Distance from Chennai Airport to St Thomas Mount- 8 kms

St. Thomas Mount, also known as Parangimalai, is a hillock that is situated in Guindy, very close to Chennai Airport. A shrine dedicated to “Our Lady of Expectation” is built atop the mount. To enjoy a bird’s eye view of the cityscape, make a quick trip to the hilltop while also gaining spiritual experience.

Semmozhi Poonga

Distance from Chennai Airport to Semmozhi Poonga: 16 kms

Semmozhi Poonga which is literally translated to “Classical language Park” is a botanical garden in Chennai. Located opposite the American Consulate, this park boasts of twenty acres of land with over 500 species of plants and trees. The bonsai and exotic gardens along with numerous fountains, vertical gardens, and ponds are some of the breathtaking sights to enjoy here. 

Besant Nagar Beach

Distance from Chennai Airport to Besant Nagar Beach: 16 kms.

Besant Nagar Beach, or Bessy Beach as it is known popularly, used to be the end of the Chennai coastline. It is one of the most popular beaches in Chennai and is best visited in the evenings to soak up the sea breeze and enjoy the delicacies made by local vendors along the entire stretch.

Marina Beach

Distance from Chennai Airport to Marina beach: 16 kms. 

Marina beach is the longest natural urban beach that extends for a distance of 6 kms. It is one of the most crowded beaches in the country and attracts over 30,000 visitors over the weekend. 

Valluvar Kottam

Distance from Chennai Airport to Valluvar Kottam: 15.5 kms

This monument in Nungambakkam is constructed in memory of the famous poet, philosopher, and saint, Thiruvalluvar. Over 2,000 years ago, Thiruvalluvar penned the famous Thirukkural that comprises 1330 verses. The temple chariot holds a stone effigy of Thiruvalluvar and is unique as it stands baseless. All 1330 verses of the Thirukkural are etched on the granite pillars along the corridors of the auditorium it houses.

Other places to see within Chennai city: These include The Government Museum, MGR Memorial, Arignar Anna Zoological Park.


Distance from Chennai Airport to Mamallapuram: 55 kms.

Mamallapuram on the East Coast Road is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and makes for a wonderful day trip from Chennai. This 7th Century erstwhile harbour is a backpackers delight with numerous accommodation facilities, both thrifty as well as luxurious. 


Distance from Chennai Airport to Pondicherry- 150kms

Puducherry is the capital of the Union territory and is popular for honeymoons, family trips as well as among those consumed by wanderlust.  Situated along the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal, it is known for its scenic beaches and serene views. Frequently visited as a weekend getaway, Puducherry is sure to enthrall you with its beauty and charm. Known as the Paris of the East, a portion of its territory is still a replica of French culture and tradition.


Distance from Chennai Airport to Tirupati- 145 kms.

Tirupati is situated in the Chittoor district and is home to the Vaishnavite temple Tirumala Venkateswara temple and other historic temples. Often referred to as the Spiritual capital of Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati is known for its Dravidian style and gold plated Cupola. Over 35 million pilgrims visit this auspicious town every year and it is an easy drive from Chennai. 

Things to know before renting a car in Chennai

Here are some of the key things to know before renting a car in Chennai Airport with IndusGo. 

  • Is the rental company telling you everything? Hiring a car always comes with the risk of high charges and hidden fees that can come as a big shock on return. Always hire cars from reputed companies. IndusGo guarantees a safe and hassle-free experience every time with assistance 24/7 and no risk of hidden fees or charges. Transparency is our policy!

  • Check before you take-off. Check the car for any noises or rumbling sounds. Ensure the documents are in place and there are no pre-existing scratches or signs of damage. Check the level of fuel and oil in the engine for smooth running. Are the tires filled optimally? Check for the condition of the spare tire and if the required tools are available in case of emergencies. IndusGo provides cars that are 100% verified, reliable, and registered.

  • Your credit card company may provide insurance. Look for car rental discounts and insurance options provided by your Credit Card Company. But be sure of the fine print before you bank on it. Some companies put a limit on the coverage, while some do not offer any. It is best to call and check on their policy

  • Avoid off-roading: While this may seem quite obvious, it cannot be stressed upon enough. It is always advisable to stay on paved roads and avoid any damage to your vehicle. Does a grassy path or muddy road pique your curiosity? A rented car may not be the right time to explore these unsafe options!

  • Fill up before return. Most companies expect you to return the car with a full tank of fuel. IndusGo gives you the option of with or without fuel ensuring full transparency and freedom.

  • Do your research. Research about the available options and ask plenty of questions, so you know exactly what you are getting into. IndusGo offers convenience and comfort at affordable rates without a match. Smart choices will save you a lot of money and ensure a hassle-free experience of a lifetime!

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