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Car For Rent in Cochin International Airport

When you get down at the Cochin International airport you need to have a vehicle at your disposal to take you to your desired destination. IndusGo provides seamless service in self-drive car rental.  The best part of self-drive rent a car is the freedom to roam around without bothering the driver. Moreover, you can choose the car of your choice that suits your purpose.

Cochin International Airport is a major international airport in Kerala. You can avail the self- drive rent a car from IndusGo from Cochin Airport. IndusGo makes it easy to book your self-drive car. We offer flexible pick up and drop off options. The best service IndusGo can ensure you is that you can get your car delivered at the airport. Attractive prices and excellent service from IndusGo makes it the best option for self-drive car rental.   

Advantages of Car Rental in Cochin International Airport

Kochi is the most happening city in Kerala. There will be one or another event happening around the city. Apparently, that makes Kochi the busiest city in Kerala and also Cochin International Airport an important airport in India.  So the best way to take a proper glance of the city is to drive around on your own car to get a better experience and idea. Cochin international airport has focused well on the requirements of passengers. It has good public transport( KSRTC) to all important places and also Pre-Paid Taxi that is available round the clock.   

Self-drive rent a car is the best option as compared to taxis because hiring a taxi would mean paying exorbitant charges. Usually, taxi rates shoot up when hired from the airport. If you are on a short vacation with your family for sightseeing or back home for a holiday the best option is to get yourself a self-drive rental car in Cochin International Airport. 

As compared to taxis, self-drive cars are more economical, moreover, the taxis have a time limit and you cannot ride the same for no more than a day. With IndusGo you can book a car for Rs.70 per hour and also you can avail free fuel. 

Why Choose IndusGo Rent a Car in Cochin Airport?

IndusGO offers Self Drive Rent a Car and has the following flexible features, just check out:

  • Easy Booking - The best thing about IndusGO is the easy-to-book option.

    • Book Online on our website.

    • Book through a phone call.

    • Walk-in to our office/yard.

  • Wide Range of Vehicles - With IndusGo you enjoy the freedom of choice. You can choose your destination, time and car you like to rent according to your will.

  • Online Payment Facility - Book your favorite vehicle and pay online using your Credit / Debit Card.

IndusGo is a rent a car service from the house of Indus Motors. IndusGo vehicles are in good condition and are also fully insured. That makes IndusGo trustworthy and you can travel without tension. 

If you wish to visit the nearest attractions in and around Kochi, don’t miss this following places. Just rent a Car in Cochin International Airport and enjoy yourself. 

Nearest Attractions Around Kochi

Kochi is also known as The Queen of the Arabian Sea. It was occupied by different colonial forces during the colonial period. The reminiscence of the different cultures is still evident in Fort Kochi. Kochi has several attractive features and is a treasure house of several cultures. Fort Kochi and Mattancherry are two most important tourist hotspots. The beautiful streets of Fort Kochi take you to past eras. The old mansions and buildings are styled in French and English architecture have unchallenged elegance. Wandering around the streets of Fort Kochi one can relive the bygone eras. 

Mattancherry and Jewish Synagogue.

Oldest active synagogue throws light into the history of Jews in India. The synagogue is full of antiques. Now Jew Town has only 13 Jewish residents and most of the Jews migrated to Israel. On the way to Fort Kochi stands the iconic Mattancherry Harbour Bridge. It was built by Sir Robert Charles Bristow in 1940. This iconic bridge is still functional and it connects Wellington Island with Fort Kochi. The bridge was designed such that it allowed big vessels to pass, for that the bridge can be raised and opened in the center. 

There are lots and lots of things one can do in Kochi. From shopping to sightseeing and from museums to mesmerizing backwaters. To enjoy the city and to experience hassle-free service book with IndusGO and enjoy the self-drive rental facilities available and make the best experience out of your time.

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