How to Select an Ideal Car Rental Company

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Selection of an Ideal Car Rental company


When you are thinking of touring a place with your family or more than one families, then self-drive cars are a good option. There are other options like app cabs or taxis. However self-drive cars are a balance between money and comfort that you will seldom get. You need to choose the company that offers you self-drive cars on a lot of aspects.


Factors Affecting the Selection of an Ideal Car Rental Company

  • First of all, you have to be sure regarding the number of people who are likely to travel in the rented car. You have to book the car according to the number of people to travel. If you book 6 seated cars for two people, you will have to pay a lot of money extra. If you have two families to travel together, then you should hire two six seated cars to travel comfortably. While selecting the car rental company, you should check whether the company has such cars, available or not. If you select a car company and start booking without knowing whether they can provide the required number of cars or not, then your purpose will never be solved.



  • Next important thing to look out for is a good public review. One way to search for reviews is the website of the car rental company. A lot of companies have spaces for customer testimonials. From there you will get to know about the car service, the variation in prices and the types of cars available in that company. If more than 80% of people writing the review are satisfied with the services, you should definitely select this car company.


    Sometimes, the bad experiences with the customers happen as a result of the customer’s fault. Sometimes the customers don’t give the car back on time and they have to pay an extra penalty on the car rental. This cannot be considered as a bad service on the part of the car rental company. Therefore, the reviews must be read very minutely. Other than the official reviews, you can ask your friends and colleagues who rent a car from such companies. If you get more than 80% good verbal reviews for a company, then you can select that company for renting cars.

  • Next, you should select a car company that not only has good reviews on the official website but also the provision for booking a car online. Nowadays certain companies like IndusGo also has the facilities to select the type of car, the number of cars, the duration for the booking and other things from the website. Some car companies also provide mobile apps to do the booking. Mobile apps take very less time to select the car and book it. If you have the online copies of your passport and driving license, you can upload that and book a car in less than 30 minutes. After the booking is complete, you will get a confirmation mail from the company. In that mail, the time of delivery will be given. The place of delivery is to be specified by the customer himself.



  • You should select a car company which lets you keep separate places for pickup and delivery of the car. Some car companies have specific rules that the pickup and drop location has to be the same. If that be the case then if you book a car to be delivered at the airport then you need to again leave the car for pickup at the airport, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, always select the car company which gives you the flexibility of choosing your own pickup and delivery location. The pickup and delivery of the cars are always free, so you don’t need to worry about any extra charges based on the distance for pickup or delivery.

  • Choose a car company that gives you offers or discounts on special occasions. People hire private cars while touring a place or on special occasions like festivities or weddings. Therefore, it is expected that the company will give you special discounts for booking at that time. It will help you save some money while booking the car. Bulk discounts are an encouragement to people to booking cars for more than one families.


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  • Choose a car company, where you can book online. If you can pay using your credit card, then why pay in cash? It is better to select a company that allows you to pay online, as it decreases the payment hassles. In fact, most of the car rental companies nowadays allow payment online. A lot of companies also have tie-ups with a lot of online paying portals to make the payment even easier. For example, if you hold an account in paytm, then you don’t even need to pay using your credit card for some car rental companies.

  • Finally, look for the year of establishment of the car rental company. If the year of establishment is more than 5 years back, then the company has quite a good reputation and you can trust the company. If the company has just started, then also it can give you a very high-quality service. However, in order to be sure about that minutely go through the reviews of the customers online.

If all the above properties are true for a car rental company, then you can be sure that the company you are renting a car from is a highly professional company and they will not give you a chance to regret. If you have plans to rent private cars in the future, then plan it at least a week before your actual travel. If you require the car for a long interval of time, you will have to inform the car company well in advance, so that they can set aside the cars required by you. Make sure that all the people who agreed to hire a private car, don’t change their mind after you confirm the booking with the car company. Self-drive cars are a great comfort for people if they can choose the right company and plan it well before.