Kochi to Munnar 2 Days Weekend Trip Ideas

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Kochi to Munnar 2 days Weekend Trip Ideas

When you are traveling via car from Kochi to Munnar, there are some locations which you should not miss. If you are going on a weekend trip to Munnar from Kochi, then you need to carefully plan your trip so that you don’t miss the beautiful locales and enjoy the picturesque locations as much as possible. It will take you almost four hours to reach Munnar from Kochi in a car. It would be easily available to rent a car in Kochi. If you stop in between and take lunch or just stop to look at the picturesque locations, then you will get to Munnar in around five hours. The main stops in between Kochi to Munnar are Muvattupuzha, Kothamangalam, Neriamangalam, and Adimali. If you want to have lunch or some snacks in between your journey, then you should stop at either Kothamangalam or Neriamangalam. 

Locations to visit

Valara Falls

While you are on your way to Munnar, you can visit the Valara Falls. This is situated on the Kochi-Munnar highway. Valara waterfalls are located in between Neriamangalam and Adimali. Covered by bushy trees, this waterfall is a treat to watch. It is advisable that you see this place on your way to Munnar. There are no roadways that will take you near the waterfalls. So you will have to watch it from the window of your car. If you see this location on your way to Munnar, you don’t need to come back again to this place and this will save some of your time.



Cheeyappara waterfalls

Adjacent to Valara waterfalls is the Cheeyappara waterfalls, another breathtaking location worth a visit. It is advisable to go to Cheeyappara waterfalls after visiting Valara, as they are close to each other. In fact, there is a point where the Cheeyappara waterfalls meet Valara waterfalls. This meeting point is also a scenic beauty to watch.



The tourists mainly come here to see the lake and dam. Say, for example, you have started your journey on Saturday early in the morning, around 6 AM via a self-drive car. Then you will have to take your breakfast in Kothamangalam. Say, you watch both the waterfalls and reach Munnar by 10:30 AM. If you have booked your stay here, then you can keep your luggage in the hotel room, freshen up and take a short nap of 1 hour. After that head for Mattupetty dam. The Mattupetty lake is around 13 kilometers away from Munnar. So either you can pack your lunch and take it with you or you can reach this place and before you look around you can take your lunch here. The place opens after 2 pm in the noon. You can opt for boat rides here after 2 pm. If you don’t wish to take a boat ride, then you can visit the rose garden. This rose garden of Mattupetty is very popular, due to the variety of roses available here. This lake will remain open until 3:30 pm. 


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This is at a distance of 25 minutes from Mattupetty. This is famous for its hydroelectric project as it was the first site of Kerala to start this project. If you have already visited the dam, then you should definitely come and see the site where the hydroelectric power is generated. By this time afternoon will set it. You will be very tired. So you should now visit one more location and go back to your hotel.


This place is around 1-hour drive from Pallivasal. This place has a high mythological value. It is believed that Sita, wife of Lord Rama, bathed in the spring water in this place. It is due to this reason, a lot of people come to visit this place. The natural beauty of this place will mesmerize you. You will get to see a wide range of tea plantations here. By the time you reach here, it might be around 5 pm. So you can spend around 1 hour looking around. After that, you have to head back to your hotel in Munnar, which should be around 6-7 kilometers from here. Although there are a few hotels in this place, it is advisable to book a hotel within Munnar. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to visit other locations the next day.



Anamudi peak

On the next morning, you start very early to reach the Anamudi peak. It is about half an hour from Munnar.  This is the highest peak of Western Ghats. Other than the natural scenic beauty, there is one special thing about this mountain range. The peak of this mountain looks like the head of an elephant and hence the name.  After you spend around 40-45 minutes here you can head for another beautiful location that is the Echo point.

Echo Point

Surrounded by the green and bushy trees, this area has a lot of mountains. These mountains surround this point in such a way that any loud noise made here keeps echoing and hence the name. The echo point has some entry fees that are different for adults and children.

After you visit echo point, come back to your hotel. By this time, you will be hungry for lunch. After you eat your lunch, you can spend some time shopping for your family. You should never forget this or otherwise, you will end in deep trouble when you come back home. After all your shopping is over, you can take a look at some nearby places which are at walking distances from your hotel. However, you should keep in mind that you will have to head back home and you must finish all your shopping and sight-seeing by 3 pm. Then in another 3 to 4 hours of drive, you will be back in Kochi. All those who missed the Valara and Cheeyappara waterfalls while coming to Munnar will be able to see it while going back to Kochi. This time, you can see it right after you leave Adimali. However, don’t spend too much time watching the waterfalls as you will be late in coming back.