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A Car For Self-Drive in Kottakkal

Car For Rent in Kottakkal

Situated in the district of Malappuram, Kottakkal is a municipal town which is located 12 km southwest of Malappuram. Tirur is the nearest Railway Station to Kottakkal. Even though there are many options to travel within the place, finding the right travel solution to suit your needs is highly important.

A self-drive car can really help you in Kottakkal compared to other means of travel. Indus Go is a rent-a-car service offered by Indus Motors to help travellers with Self- Drive solutions for their temporary car rental needs. So you can easily rent a car in Kottakkal from IndusGo and It is one of the best rental services available in Kerala which can ease your journey. 

Car Rentals in Kottakkal

Kottakkal is a very important place in Malappuram. Vergara, Yoakam, Cherukulamba, Puthuparamba and Edarikode, Indianoor Kavathikalam, Kozhichena, Marakkara, Maravattam Randathani, Padapparamba, Pang, Parappur, Pottippara, Venniyoor, and Vettichira are some of the nearest places around Kottakkal. These places are comparatively traditional in nature, but you can see fast development and wide urbanization around these places now. The population density of these places is increased accordingly as well. 

The Benefit of Booking a Rental Car in Kottakkal

Kottakkal has many places of historic significance which tourists might enjoy. But, being a traditional place of its own, you might experience great difficulty in finding cabs or other vehicles which will offer you privacy and independence at affordable rates. Indus GO can offer you all of these with great convenience.

How IndusGo Can Help You to Rent a Car in Kottakkal?


Indus GO is the best car rental agency in Kerala. We have services across the state provided for your convenience. With Indus Go, car rental is now easy. You can just visit Indus GO site and fill in the details to hire your preferred car. But remember, any person who would like to rent service from Indus GO, should satisfy the following eligibility criteria as mentioned under the ‘terms of use’ of the site. He should also have a valid driver’s license.


Unlike other service providers, IndusGo charges the least in terms of refund. While booking, initially a refundable security deposit of Rs 5000 shall be charged from the client. When it comes to pricing IndusGo have some policies to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction but, it shall be refunded within 7 working days of booking through the original payment method which was chosen by the client to make the payment. However, during limited-period offers, the security deposit amount can go down. But in case of any damages or losses, the amount can be deducted from the security deposit.

The Attractions Which Invite You For Rent a Car in Kottakkal

The presence of ayurvedic institute, Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal, has put Kottkal over the world map. There are people from various countries visiting this place for Ayurveda treatment. Besides the famous temple festival, Kottakkal Puram celebrated over seven days during March–April months have changed the cultural scape of Kottakkal to a great extent. Hiring a taxi to explore Kottakkal can be quite bothersome because of the heavy prices. Indus Go offers you self-drive car facilities at affordable prices to maximize convenience.  These events demand a more flexible travel solution around Kottakkal which offer independence and convenience.

Why IndusGO Self-Drive Cars in Kottakkal?

IndusGo offers the best service in the industry across the state. Renting a self-drive car in Kottakkal can be confusing. But with IndusGo, it will not be a problem. We offer the best self-drive rent cars in extremely good condition for our customers. Our prices are affordable to the users. We offer maximum customization possibilities to our customers so that they can enjoy the drive in their own terms. We provide extendable options to the selected dates. As a part of our customer-centered service, we ensure the best possible options for your journey. IndusGo undoubtedly is the first authorized car rental agency in Kerala. When it comes to trust and credibility, we are the best in the industry.

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