Wildlife and Forest Destinations in Kerala

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Top Wildlife Sanctuaries & Forest Destinations in Kerala for Jungle Safari


Kerala is a popular state among the tourists especially due to its hill stations. However, there are quite a number of wildlife sanctuaries and reserves that you can go to. In fact, you can plan a short trip to Kerala, say for 3-4 days concentrating only on wildlife sanctuaries. Go through the following section to know how to plan your trip and visit the top ranking jungle safari destinations in Kerala.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve



This forest reserve lies near to the Annamalai hills. This tiger reserve offers you safaris for the enjoyment of you and your children. If your child is under 10 years, you will be required to pay no extra fees. Along with that, the safari contains toilet facilities. This is very useful if there are a number of ladies and children in your group. There are trekking facilities for an adult group of bachelors or even families(if they wish to).


If you are visiting this tiger reserve with your family and wish to trek, then it would be advisable to Elephant Song Trekking Trial. There are toilet and drinking water facilities. Therefore, you will not have any problem with trekking here with your family members. If you are a college student then you will definitely like the jungle camps over here. If you choose the Treetop Hut jungle camp, then you will get to stay in a tree house and you will be able to hear the chirpy songs of birds and the trumpets of the elephants nearby. If you can rent a car in Palakkad, then you can also go for a jungle safari.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary


If you stay in Kochi, or you are coming to visit Kochi for a short span of time, then don’t miss Mangalavanam Bird SanctuaryLocated behind the Kerala high court building, this sanctuary contains a wide variety of birds. In fact, not only birds, you will even get to see more than 50 kinds of spiders and around 15-16 species of butterflies. The scenic beauty of this place is also breathtaking.


The sanctuary is open on all days from 9 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening. It is better to come to see this sanctuary within 9:30 am. This is because, there are a lot of things to see and slowly the place will be so crowded, especially around lunchtime, that people may find it difficult to look around. This sanctuary is home to a wide variety of migratory birds. This place is highly liked children and the students of Biology.

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Periyar Tiger Reserve


If we are talking about wildlife sanctuaries, then how can we forget the Periyar Tiger Reserve. This place is located near Thekkady. There is a separate entry fee for adults and children. This place opens for the visitors as early as at 6 am. You can not only see tigers, but also a few types of bears and jackals in this reserve. There are two other attractions in this area that you can try. One is the trekking cum rafting program which will cost you only Rs. 750 per person. Another place that you can visit once you come to this tiger reserve is the museum. There are dormitory facilities if you wish to stay for one night while camping with your friends. You will definitely enjoy staying one whole day near this tiger reserve.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary


Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Idukki district. This sanctuary is mainly famous for the various kinds of snakes available here. This sanctuary opens from 6 am in the morning and remains open till 6 in the evening. Other than the snakes, there are various kinds of crocodiles and turtles. If you have children with you, then they are going to love the elephant ride, jeep safari, etc. Close to this wildlife sanctuary, there is a sandalwood forest which can visit. The entry to this forest is free and the opening and closing times are the same as that of this wildlife sanctuary. However, when you enter the forest, you will be allowed to stay at most for 1 hour.


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Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary


The last one in this list has to be from Wayanadwhere a great variety of flora and fauna can be found. There are other three wildlife sanctuaries in Wayanad which are Sultan Bathery, Kurichat, and Muthanga. Most of the trees found in this sanctuary help in making strong furniture. You will find peacocks, jackals, tigers, elephants, civet cats, monkeys, cuckoos(if you are lucky enough), vultures and even bisons. Due to heavy rainfall, this sanctuary remains unusually cold in the months of March and April. Therefore, if you wish to visit this wildlife reserve, then you can choose the months of October, November, and February. Trekkers often come to this place in the months of September and October to trek or cycle.


Along with that, you can opt for camping trips over here. Just like the Periyar Tiger Reservesyou can spend the night here, by camping and take advantage of the jungle safari and some adventure sports here. You can try rock climbing, archery, kayaking and lots more. There is every kind of sport for people from a variety of tastes. Along with all these, you can try trekking to the Chembra Peak, which is the highest peak in Wayanad. If you book a camping trip for two days, you will be taken for this trekking by the organizers themselves. 

There are many more wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala. It is not possible to visit all of them in one go or even all the five mentioned here in one trip. You can try and visit the Periyar forest reserve and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary or the bird sanctuary in one day. This is because; Idukki is very close to Thekkady. However, you would require the help of any tour company or a private car company that will arrange these tours for you. If you keep at least 5 days in hand, then you can go through all these forest destinations one by one.