The Ultimate Varkala Travel Guide to Help you Plan Your Trip

This Blog helps you plan a trip to Varkala. It tells you how to rent a car so you can get around while you are there.

Feb 07, 2023
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The Ultimate Varkala Travel Guide to Help you Plan Your Trip

Kerala boasts of an envious reputation as a popular tourist hotspot. However, places like Wayanad, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kochi often eclipse the presence of some of the lesser-known but equally beautiful holiday destinations in Kerala. Varkala is one such gem in disguise, being one of the , this place is more popular among bohos and surfers. So, if you plan to explore the most unexplored yet fascinating location of Kerala, Varkala is your next dream destination.Kerala's mesmerizing beach destinations ,this place is more popular among bohos and surfers. So, if you plan to explore the most unexplored yet fascinating location of Kerala, Varkala is your next dream destination

Situated on the southern coastline of Kerala, you must visit Varkala to witness the town's natural, historical and cultural marvels. The town features pristine beaches, magnificent hillocks, endless arrays of palm and coconut trees, and the exquisite cliff beach, the Varkala Cliff, the only one of its kind in Kerala. This beach estate is undoubtedly a place where you can unwind with your family and friends, chill and party, and rejuvenate yourself while soaking in the best of nature. Varkala is also considered as one of the  must visit places in South India.

How to reach Varkala

As we unfold our Varkala travel guide for you, let us get to know how you can reach the location!

By Air

The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport. From there you can take a rented car and drive to Varkala, which will take about an hour.

By Train

Varkala Railway Station is your stop if you want to reach Varkala by train. The station is well-connected to the major cities of Kerala.

By Road

You can reach Varkala via Panvel-Kanyakumari-Kochi Highway and NH66 from Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra. In addition, you can opt for a rental car or state buses and private buses that operate from several cities across South India.

Best time to Visit Varkala

As it is a coastal region, the best time to head out to Varkala is in the Winter season. The weather at this time is pleasant and refreshing. However, between November and March, or if you want to experience coastal rains, the time between September and November is excellent.

Things to Do In Varkala

Varkala has a range of beach activities to offer and much more. So let's check out what you can do on your visit to this beautiful beach town:

Beach activities

Strolling, running, or sunbathing are some of the classic activities in Varkala beach that you can enjoy alongside the sunrise or sunset. You can swim in the seawater to soak your spirits. Have a beach picnic or play frisbee for some fun. You can also enjoy fishing with the local fishers, who may allow you to participate in their fishing task. You can help them by pulling the fishing net and catching fresh fish. You can also enjoy surfing at the only surf beach in Kerala, i.e., Varkala Beach. 

Water sports

With so many beaches, water sports in Varkala should undoubtedly be on your bucket list here. If you are an adventure freak, go for different water sports, including banana boat rides, parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, etc. The massive mountain cliffs adjacent to the beach add to the thrilling vibe. It is one of the amazing things to do in Varkala.

Culture Center

Varkala features a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern cultures. Take time out to discover the local and traditional cultures here. You can enjoy the traditional Kathakali and Kalaripayattu styles of dance at the Varkala Culture Center. 

Visit the lighthouse

This vintage structure built in the 18th century reminisces the European architectural style. You can visit here to get a bird's eye view of the fantastic Arabian sea, the mesmerizing coastline, and the neighboring vistas. 

Do yoga

If you want to relax, opt for yoga sessions at the popular ashrams. Many yoga gurus can teach you the best of yoga asanas while you rejuvenate your senses and relax your mind. Plus, practicing yoga and meditating in Varkala's lush green surroundings will work wonders for your health.

Shop till you drop

Street shop in Varkala, and you will be spoilt for choices. You will see everything imaginable in the lanes here, from perfumes, bamboo products, clothing, junk jewelry, soaps, and other items available on sale. However, Tibetan handmade items such as Dorjee, conches, and flutes are the most sought-after products. In addition, the local artwork here is amazing and will surprise you to another level. 

Treat yourself to the local cuisine

Varkala offers some great seafood and authentic Keralan cuisine for tourists, especially those who love food. You can also try international cuisine here. Perfect for date nights, most cafes and restaurants offer great food and a beautiful ambiance. Popular joints are God's Own Country Kitchen and Cafe Del Mar Varkala, to name a few. In addition, you can enjoy local dishes in banana leaves and filter coffee if you want to taste authentic Kerala cuisine.

Ayurvedic spa treatment

Make your trip to Varkala more relaxing by booking a session or two for an ayurvedic spa treatment. There are many centers in this town where you can select from a range of spa therapies to relax and calm your body and mind. You can also hire a masseuse for massage therapy to soothe your muscles. Relaxation therapy is a must-do thing when you go for a beach holiday.

Places to visit in Varkala

Here are some of the best Varkala tourist spots that you cannot ignore if you want to experience the whole of this awesome beachy town. 

From beaches to backwaters, temples to churches and mosques, to cliffs and forts, the list of places to visit at Varkala is never-ending. 

Janardhana Swamy Temple

This 2000-year-old temple is an excellent symbol of South Indian architecture and is one of the most visited places by Hindu devotees. In addition, this temple gives a glimpse of the town's religious history and its glorious past.

Golden Island

Explore wildlife at Ponnumthuruthu Island or the Golden Island. This region, with an area of 5 hectares, houses pretty lakes with beautiful migratory birds flocking the region in huge numbers. You can spot some rare birds and an amazing mix of flora and fauna to soothe your soul. You must explore this place if you are a bird watcher or a nature lover.

Varkala Beach and Varkala Cliff

Varkala Beach is a bohemian beach, and your visit to Varkala is incomplete if you miss out on the famous Varkala Beach and the Varkala Cliff. Varkala beach is the only beach in Kerala that houses enormous red cliffs next to the sea. Also, there are only 6 to 7 surf beaches in India, and Varkala Beach is one of them. Another interesting fact is that Discovery Channel ranked Varkala Beach as one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Varkala has a hippie vibe and is immensely popular among foreigners. 

The Varkala cliff is home to many eateries, shopping stores, local shops, and shacks. In addition, you can enjoy an assortment of local food at the food stalls here that offer amazing Tibetan, Continental, and South Indian food. 

Kappil Beach and Kappil Lake

Close to Varkala Beach lies the famous Kappil Beach, which will allure you with its serenity. The coast is covered in white sand and several lines of towering coconut trees. A kilometer-long road will take you to Kappil Lake - an excellent location for boating and enjoying the lovely views of blue waters and palm trees.

Odayam Beach

Another bohemian beach in the quaint town of Varkala is the Odayam beach. Its shores are covered with several food shacks and shopping stalls, making it an excellent spot for a traveling enthusiast. You can enjoy the beach life at the resorts that offer great stay options and food.

Bali Mandapam

A project of VIVID Corp, Balimandapam is a pilgrimage site where devotees come to pay their respects to the souls that have passed away. People perform Vavu Bali rituals at the sacred Papanasam River. Here folks also come for beach activities, sightseeing, and swimming. 

Anjengo Fort

The Anjengo Fort is a stunning juxtaposition of ancient Dutch and Portuguese architecture. Perched between the backwaters of Kerala and the Arabian Sea, a thick growth of coconut trees surrounds this fort. A lazy stroll in the area will relax you, and you can spot a few fishermen nearby going about their day's work. You can also meet a few locals and learn about the customs and traditions here. 

Edava Vettakkada Beach

Located between Varkala and Paravur, Edava is a delightful town that overlooks the majestic Arabian Sea. This place houses a mix of scenic locations, including extended beaches, lakes, canals, and cliffs. 

Varkala Aquarium

Visit the Varkala Aquarium to get a look into the underwater life here. The place features a wide variety of aquatic animals and fishes. If the marine life amazes you, then do visit this place without a doubt. You can also enjoy a 3D show featuring essential information about aquatic life. It is a favorite destination for kids.

Chilakoor Beach

This beach is famous for its casuarina trees that grow here in abundance. Situated about 15 km from Varkala, you can reach Chilakoor Beach via road in a hired car. You will pass by beautiful coastal villages and witness some beachside traditions. A great picnic location, Chilakoor Beach is a hotspot for tourists visiting Varkala. So you must not miss out on checking this beach.

Saint Sebastian’s Pilgrim Church Moongode

Most Christians visit this church, and Portuguese missionaries built this place when they inhabited this place. Saint Sebastian's is famous for its Feast Procession that takes place in February every year. 

Munroe Island

Made up of exotic backwaters, you can enjoy the best adventure sports in Munroe Islands. You can travel across the place through the narrow canals or waterways that are great substitutes for roads here. This island is a cluster of 8 islands. This region hosts the famous Kallada Boat Race, a yearly festival here. 

Kilimanoor Palace

If you are an art lover, then do visit the Kilimanoor Palace. Here you can find the most historic and beautiful artwork and paintings created by Raja Ravi Varma. This place was the painter's studio, regarded in history as one of the best painters in India. In addition, the palace showcases an exquisite architectural design and is a great place to explore while in Varkala.

Kaduvayil Juma Masjid

This Masjid was built in the memory of Saint Kaduvayil Thangal. This place is popular among Muslim devotees and features marvelous architecture - a sight to behold. The place is visited by local Muslims for their daily prayers and is very peaceful and serene.

Varkala Tunnel

Sir Madhav Rao built the Varkala Tunnel in 1867 in a time span of 14 years. He was Travancore's dewan and made the tunnel as a checkpoint for merchants visiting Thiruvananthapuram. Like the Gondola ride in Venice, boating through this tunnel will surely be a one-of-a-kind experience for you.

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We hope you make the most of our Varkala travel guide and pack your bags for a memorable trip to this scenic beach town. This will be the best Varkala Trip Ideas to help you throughout the journey. Let us know in the comments section about your trip. We would love to hear from you!


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