Beaches in Kerala That You Cannot Miss

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Most Beautiful Beaches in Kerala That You Cannot Miss

Kerala is a state which has a lot of hill stations and beaches. Along with that some of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries are present here. If you think of visiting all the hot spots of Kerala, then you would require to visit this state more than thrice. You can aim at covering most of the hill stations in one go and then again you can come to visit the sea beaches on another visit. Today we will take a look at some of the beautiful beaches in Kerala, that you should never miss.

1.Alappuzha beach

A beautiful and peaceful spot in Alappuzha. With water from the rivers of Kerala flowing into it and then meat with the Arabian Sea. There are amusement parks and toy train rides made for the children. Therefore, if you visit this place with a group of families, it will be a great enjoyment here. You need not worry about the food as there are lots of restaurants here, where you can have your breakfast. Since you need to go to other beaches, you should start really early in the morning. Therefore, you can come to Alappuzha beach and then have your breakfast. You can also enjoy some water sports in this area. If you don’t have any fear of heights, then you can think of parasailing. Otherwise enjoy boat rides in the backwaters. Alappuzha beach is at a distance of about 147 and 54km from Trivandrum and Kochi respectively.Rent a car in Alappuzha at affordable prices and starting exploring!

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2.Marari beach

The next beach that is quite close to Alappuzha beach is the Marari beach. This beach is at a distance of half an hour from Alappuzha beach, 59km from Kochi and 162km from Trivandrum.  You can take a car or taxi to this beach. One word of advice here would be that, since you are planning to see a couple of beaches within a few days, you can hire private cars with a driver or self-drive rent a car in Alappuzha from a car rental agency. Then once you visit one beach, you will not have to worry about hiring transportation to go to the next. The private cars will take you wherever you wish. Therefore, you will not have to keep arguing about what you wanted and what the cab driver is actually doing.

The main attraction of this beach is the lotus ponds. This beach is located on the outskirts of Alleppey. Tourists generally come to this lesser-known beach to spend some quality time in the tranquility of nature. While beaches like Alappuzha and Kovalam are quite crowded, this beach is less occupied by the people. You can take volleyball or football or badminton kit along with you to do some sports on this vast beach. 

3.Varkala beach 

As this beach is also kind of close to Marari beach, before you move onto here from Marari beach it will be lunchtime and you will feel very hungry in the maritime climate of Marari beach, It is better that you take your lunch there. Now after you take your lunch and say the time is around 2 pm, you can start off for the next beach, which is the Varkala beach. This beach is at a distance of 3.5 hours from Marari beach. So you will reach Varkala beach at around 5 pm. People from Trivandrum and Kochi will have to travel about 1.30 to 4.30 hours respectively. The time will be very soothing, especially for your family members, who will be very tired by now. You can sit and enjoy the beauty of this beach, without participating in any kind of activity. This beach is also less crowded than the Alappuzha beach. 

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The place contains a lot of shops, where you can buy some souvenirs for your friends and relatives. If you have the energy to do some sports on this beach, then parasailing or paragliding could be recommended. If you have small children in your group, then it better to try kayaking with them. Small children will not be able to do parasailing. Other than these you can try surfing. However, I would recommend surfing to those people who know how to swim, in case of an emergency. The safest activity on this beach is definitely kayaking, that is, if you are traveling with your kids. 

4. Payyambalam beach 

You should make one day plan for Payyambalam beach and the locality of Kannur. From Kochi to here have a distance of 474km and from Trivandrum, and at a distance of 2 km from the Kannur railway station. You can take an auto-rickshaw or a private car to that place. The beach is very beautiful with a lot of boulders here and there. The tourists generally come and spend some quiet time here. If you are looking for some water sports, then you should do that on Varkala or Marari beach. Although you will find quite a number of water sports here, it is better to spend the time, watching the formidable sea waves and chatting with your family members. If you are planning to visit this Payyambalam beach, then you should also take a look around Kannur. This beach is at a great distance from the other popular beaches. Therefore, you will not be able to go to any other beach once you reach here. 

5. Kovalam beach

There are quite a number of beaches in this state of Kerala, which you can’t miss. You can plan your trip to see the beaches in the above way mentioned. If you are planning to come to the city of Trivandrum first and then go to other locations, then you should first go to Kovalam beach and then the other beaches mentioned here.  

This is the most popular beach in Trivandrum. Reachable at a distance of 214km from Kochi and 18km from Trivandrum  If you are starting your visit from Trivandrum, then this is the beach that you should first start your sightseeing with. There is a lighthouse on this beach. This beach is shorter than a few of the other beaches mentioned here. Therefore, you can spend at most two hours here, take lunch in any restaurant and go to the next location nearby. This beach is the most crowded among the others mentioned here. If you come a little early here, then you can relax at the elegant spas of this beach.- Rent a car in Trivandrum at affordable prices.