Bangalore to Varkala Trip Ideas & How to Plan

Your trip to Varkala will be hassle-free if you opt for IndusGo as your travel partner.

Feb 07, 2023
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Bangalore to Varkala Trip Ideas & How to Plan

Varkala is a serene beach town at the southern tip of Kerala. It was a virgin beach for many years, as many people were unaware of the place and its uniqueness. Varkala is the only beach in south India with brown and red cliffs adjacent to the Arabian Sea. It is also one of the beautiful beaches in Kerala. Once at the cliff, you can get a perfect view beyond the sea shore. Varkala has emerged as a favorite surf beach among tourists, with people flocking in from all parts of India and abroad. Traveling from Bangalore to Varkala is convenient as both towns are well-connected. 

Each year, Varkala sees a massive influx of tourists from Bangalore. After all, holidaying at this exquisite beach location unwinds and gives you a break from the bustling city life. What used to be an isolated paradise is now a famous backpack beach destination. After all, Varkala gives you everything you need from a perfect holiday retreat - pristine beaches, lagoons, backwaters, hills, a great shopping experience, good food, and warm hospitality.

The best Bangalore to Varkala Travel Guide

Soak in Varkala's bohemian vibe and explore all this unique beach town has to offer. Just a few meters from the central Varkala Beach lies the hidden paradise of the secret Black Beach, where you can find black sand glistening under the sun and kissing the seawater as it caresses its shore. This Varkala Travel Guide will help you to explore and visit places.

You can enjoy the sunrise at Odayam Beach and join fishers pulling their nets at Edava Beach. In addition, you can enjoy a peaceful sunset here because it is a few meters away from the cliff.

Further, there is the Kappil Lake and Kappil Beach, which showcase shining golden sand on one side and a swarm of tall coconut trees surrounding a lake. If you love water sports, then this is your ideal location for some fun with kayaking, jet skiing, paragliding, etc.

Then, there is the Golden Island, where you can absorb the beauty of the amazing juxtaposition of flora and fauna that inhabits the island. Also known as Ponnumthuruthu Island, you can enjoy bird watching and gaze at the greenery here.

You can also go temple hopping at the many beautiful temples here, such as the Janardhana Swamy Temple and Vishnu Temple. 

You can enjoy a bird's eye view of Varkala from the Anjengo Lighthouse. Then, visit the Anjengo Fort to learn about this place's rich history of art and architecture. 

If you're a fitness freak, you can attend the beach yoga classes at the ashrams near Varkala Beach. You can relax your senses at the spa centers here. Opt for ayurvedic massages and other relaxation therapies to calm your soul. 

If surfing in the Varkala waters is on your mind, remember that the beaches here have bigger waves and are just not meant for the faint-hearted. Before you go surfing, you can take a few classes from surfing professionals here.

How to reach Varkala from Bangalore

  • By Air

Traveling by air is the fastest way to reach Varkala from Bangalore. The aerial distance between the two locations is about 480 km. You can board a plane at Bangalore Airport and reach Trivandrum airport (the nearest airport from Varkala). You can take a rented car from Trivandrum Airport to reach Varkala in approximately 4 hours. 

  • By Bus

You can also opt to take a bus from Bangalore to Varkala. It's one of the most affordable ways to reach Varkala from Bangalore. You can board at Museum to KR Market and then take another bus from Bangalore to Kuzhakuttam. From Kuzhakuttam you can take a rented car to Varkala. On average, bus travel will incur approximately 12 hours between the two destinations.

  • By Train

You can also opt for traveling by train. Varkala has its railway station called Varkala Station. You can get a train from Bangalore and any train going towards Trivandrum stops at Varkala station. The train journey from Bangalore to Varkala will take around 15 hours. 

  • By Road

You can also opt for taking a fascinating Bangalore to Varkala road trip.Hire a car to take you on a long road trip, and it will surely be an experience you will never forget. Taking Hosur Road would be the fastest route. Then you can drive through Salem, Dharmapuri, Namakkal, Karur, Madurai, Kollam, and then Varkala. All these roads are smooth and make traveling by road a hassle-free experience. The distance between Bangalore and Varkala is about 680 km and takes approximately 13 hours. 

How Can IndusGo Help You Take a Comfortable Road Trip from Bangalore to Varkala by Car?

If you're still wondering how to travel from Bangalore to Varkala, it's through a rented car - the most convenient and enjoyable option indeed. IndusGo is the best brand to trust when it comes to hiring cars for self-driving. Travel freaks who favor road trips vouch for IndusGo as a brand, making it the top choice for holiday travel. 

IndusGo offers great value propositions as compared to its counterparts. IndusGo offers:

  • Flexible start and end points: You can decide where you want the car delivered and give up the car wherever you want.

  • Zero security deposit: You will have to pay the lowest security deposit compared to other brands.

  • With or without fuel: You can choose from booking with or without fuel.

  • Instant refund: All payments and refunds are auto-processed immediately.

IndusGo maintains business ethics that make you trust them with all your heart. Not for a minute will you have to suffer any inconvenience. The company offers full support at all times. You will not have to bear any hidden costs; all prices are transparent and highly affordable. You will avail premium quality cars, with or without a driver, at your preferred location. 

So book your road trip from Bangalore to Varkala by contacting IndusGo at 9539580000. We wish you a happy journey and an enjoyable holiday. Do let us know your experience. We would love to hear from you!


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