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Palakkad is endowed with natural beauty, rich flora and fauna along with several waterfalls, dams, and sanctuaries. The Palakkad Fort, Jainmedu, Kalpathy, Malampuzha Dam and Gardens, Pothundi Dam, Meenkulathi Bhagavathi Temple, Pallassena and Dhoni Waterfalls are the famous tourist destinations in Palakkad. Even though private bus services and taxi cars are available if you wish to explore the whole of Palakkad with full privacy and to your heart's content, then choosing a self-drive car for rent will be your best bet. Indus GO provides you with flexible booking options and doorstep delivery so that you can enjoy a tour with a rent a car in the Palakkad city. 

Rent a Car in Palakkad 

Palakkad also known as Palghat, is a district which lies along the mountain ranges of Western Ghats. Palakkad city is situated about 350 kilometres north of state capital Thiruvananthapuram and 54 kilometres southwest of Coimbatore, and 66 km northeast of Thrissur. What makes Palakkad distinct from other places of Kerala is its rural nature nestled with enormous paddy fields. It’s massive contribution to the rice production of Kerala gives the district two titles- ‘The Granary of Kerala’ and ‘The Rice Bowl of Kerala. The endless range of palm trees, dense tropical forests, green carpeted landscapes and hilly terrains make Palakkad a visual treat to the visitors. Palakkad is the gateway to Kerala because of its presence of Palakkad Gap which connects Kerala with its neighbouring state Tamil Nadu. Palakkad is blessed with so many rivers and dams with Malampuzha dam, the largest one in the district,which is 12 km from Palakkad town. If you rent a car in Palakkad, you can explore all these places.

A trip to Palakkad takes you to a fertile land rich in magnificent landscape, plants, animals and farming. The forts, temples, waterfalls, dams, parks wildlife sanctuaries and picturesque landscapes of Palakkad enchant the visitors. Also, the Nelliyampathy Hill Station, Silent Valley National Park, Kollengode Palace, Thenkurussi, Dhoni Waterfalls, Ottapalam and Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary offer trip lovers and wildlife enthusiasts a very delightful experience.

Palakkad enjoys good connectivity by rail and road. Compared to other transport options, rent a car in Palakkad is considered as the best option to make your trip even more exciting and outstanding paving way for more sightseeing opportunities. Besides enjoying the scenic beauty of the countryside and exploring everything from scenic stretches to hues of festivities to the architectural wonders of Palakkad, a self-drive rent a car in Palakkad will give you possibilities to stop anywhere freely at any time to take a good breath of clean air or short break.

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