Tips to save money with Car Rental

Here is the detailed tips on saving money through car rentals. Learn more in the article about how to use car rentals in a profitable way, methods and other details.

Jan 16, 2023
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Tips to save money with Car Rental

How to save money on car rental?

When considering the car rental companies in India, there are multiple options to provide you with the best services and facilitation. Still, consumers seek the options of how to save money on car rental by availing of the best services at affordable prices. There are multiple options with many smart tips to save money with reliable and trustworthy car rental.

Below are some of the best tips to save money on rental cars and avail hassle- free services. Let us start:

Top 7 Tips to Save Money with Rental Cars

1. Renting The Car In Festive Season: 

Always try to hire cars on times of popular festive occasions  to save money on rental cars.. Although this will not be possible for people who book self-drive cars for attending office meetings or workshops, it is a valid option for people who rarely book these cars. If you are not a regular customer of the self-drive car services, you should look for festive occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, or Christmas, or Onam etc. 

Generally, car rental services offer nice and affordable offers on cars if someone hires those on these occasions. If you require self-drive cars for pandal hopping, a trip from the hotel to the airport during the Christmas holidays, or a sight-seeing tour of the city during festive occasions, you will get some nice offers if you book a car from a rental company.

2. Group Booking

Book cars in groups; so that more people could share . Say, for example, you want to go out with your family; if you can couple this outing with one or more families, you will get bulk car discounts. This is also applicable for office employees and is the best way to save money on car rental.Say, for example, you will have to go outside the city to an office meeting or to attend a seminar, then try to participate in the seminar in a group of three or more. That way, you book bigger cars and get a certain percentage rebate on booking those cars. 

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3.Register The Membership Program

Join a reward program or a lifetime membership in the rental car company. This is advisable for all those people who require renting a self-car service once or twice a month. If you require a self-drive car service only once a year, then joining a lifetime membership of the car company won’t be fruitful for you. Joining the reward program, however, it remains one of the best ways to save money on rental cars, where you will earn loyalty points, every time you book a car for yourself or your loved ones.

You can redeem those loyalty points once or twice a year by getting rebates, discounts, or sometimes a free car booking offer for once within a certain period of validity (if the loyalty points are high). The reward programs vary depending on the company from which you have taken the service. If you become a life member of the company, you have to pay a lower annual fee to keep your membership from cancellation and hiring the cars for the year, than all those hiring self-drive cars without holding any life membership.  

4Avail The Happy Hours Offers 

You can also search for happy hours for booking - advisable for those who book rental car services for work purposes. Sometimes managers require self-drive cars every day between some odd non-peak hours. Therefore, owing to the frequency of hiring, some rental car companies are willing to declare that period as the happy hour period. The customers get some discounts for renting cars regularly at those times. All those customers who hire rental cars once a month only for  family purposes can also try hiring during happy hour to decrease the cost. 

5. Book The Car Rental In Free Parking Zone

Sometimes having the car delivered at the airport, a temple, or a seven-star restaurant incurs some extra money such as parking charges, concession fees, certain taxes etc. Therefore, leverage one of the best tips to save money on rental cars by getting the car delivered in the car parking space of your house or in a common public place to avoid paying unnecessary extra charges. 

6. Use Minimal amenities in rental services

If you want to save as much as possible on self-drive car rental services, then you should pay for the bare minimum and use minimal facilities along with the car. What this means is that it is obvious that an air-conditioned car will cost you more than a car without an air conditioner.

A car rented along with a chauffeur will cost you more than the cars that you drive yourself. A car with a full petrol tank will cost you more than a car with minimum petrol. However, there are some fallacies; if you are traveling with your family, an air-conditioned car is more suitable than a non-ac car. If you don’t know the roads that will take you to your destination or the car parking rules of an area, it is better to hire a professional.

Otherwise, you may get unnecessary parking tickets or fines, which will again increase your cost and incur extra hassles. If you don’t know where the nearest petrol stations are, it is better to keep the tank full before driving, or else you might get into deep trouble.   

7.Schedule The Car Rental Appointment For Multiple Locations

Lastly, if you frequently require self-driving cars, try achieving more than one goal daily. This means you must schedule your appointments and meetings so the rental car can take you to multiple locations on a day. You can align your work so that more than one meeting (if plausible) is covered in one day. This will save not your money, but a lot of petrol and help the community.


Renting a car and saving money isn't easy, as your requirements vary daily. So, implement these tips and save your hard-earned money. You must also outline your requirements carefully whenever you plan to hire a car from a car rental company. In addition, regular customers availing of the self-drive car rental services can avail of plenty of alternatives to redeem the offers, discounts, and gifts, from the car rental company.


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