Documents Required For Rent a Car in Kerala

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Documents Required to Book a Car for Rent


If you are thinking of touring Kerala, then one of the plausible options is to hire a car on rent and use it to look around Kerala. The reason is that you will get a private car dedicated to you and your family. There are two ways that you can hire this car, one is with a chauffeur and the other is without chauffeur. The latter is an option for those people who know driving really well and are familiar with the traffic rules of Kerala. If you are a good driver and you don’t know the traffic rules or the roads of Kerala at all, then you can hire the car with a driver for one week. In this one week try to go on different routes with the driver. If you keep a road map with you, you will understand the traffic rules and afterward you will be able to drive the car yourself.



Why is a Self-Drive or Rented Car Better than Cabs?

If you are a tourist in Kerala, then you may be confused between hiring cabs or private cars. Here are some points that will help you take your decision.

  • Private cars can be yours for as long as 30 days. You cannot hire a taxi for that long. In fact, if you ride in-app cabs, then the rules to board them are even stricter. On the other hand, if you have a parking space in your hotel and you are going to stay in Kerala for a long time, then hiring private cars are a better option. Sometimes patients come to Kerala to stay for 2-3 months for a change. Kerala has such scenic beauty and such soothing weather that the patients recuperate early. So moving around in a car can help them get out of their depression and regain their health quickly. Such a tour on regular basis with a car as good as your own car will not be possible through taxis.


  • Taxi rates could be bargained unlike that of the self-drive cars. However, the cab drivers generally hike their fee for the tourists. Most of the tourists are aware of this fact and they try to bargain with the cab driver and lower their fee for touring the entire day. On the other hand, the tariff of the private cars to be rented is fixed and they vary depending on the size of the car and the extra facilities available with the car. However, you can get a small car with charges as low as Rs.70 per hour. IndusGo self-drive rent a car services offer you private cars for Rs.70/hour.


  • If you take a taxi, then you have to provide for the fuel charges. The cab charges never include fuel prices. However, many of the private cars are available with free fuel. Therefore, this is much more convenient for people who can drive well.

Documents Required to Book a Car for Rent in Kerala

  1. First and foremost, documents are needed if you want the car without a driver, that is, you want to drive the car yourself. You would have to upload your original driving license or submit the photocopy in the office of the car rental company. Suppose you are booking the car, but you will not be driving it yourself, then you would have to submit the document of the person who will be driving the rented car. Therefore, the driving license should be uploaded to that person who will be actually driving the car.





  2. If you are an Indian, then you need to upload your voter card or Aadhar card as a proof of your citizenship and your address. Here also the same rule will apply. If you are booking the car from the website or mobile app, but you are not the person who will drive the car, then you need to upload the Aadhar or voter card of that person who will be actually driving the car.





  3. If you are a foreign international and you want to hire a car in Kerala, you will also require a passport. You need to upload the passport identification pages(both in the front and at the end) in the website or over the mobile app, wherever you are booking the car.


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  4. If you are going to pay online, then you will also have to provide the details of your credit card or debit card whichever you are using to pay. You will get the acknowledgment of the payment online, which will be mailed to you.



  5. If you are hiring the car with a driver, then all these documents will not be necessary. You may have to show your passport or adhar card though for your identification. However, there is no need to upload that document. You can show it to the driver who will come to drive your car. You should also check the driving license of the driver to be sure that he is indeed the person, whom the car company promised to send.

Private or self-drive cars are of a great help if you want to see a place by yourself and choose the route on your own. However, for this, you must know all the routes really well and you should also be familiar with the traffic rules. Otherwise you can either hire the car with the chauffeur for a week to be trained in this regard and then drive the car by yourself or you can hire a driver for your entire stay in Kerala. Private cars are a great comfort and the charges are quite moderate. They, as mentioned in the earlier section, are far easier to book than cabs and far more relaxing while taking the tours. You just have to take care that you don’t exceed the period of rent as mentioned by you while booking the car. If you do however exceed, you will have to pay extra fee at least for half a day. The more you keep the car after the time you agreed to, the higher will be the charges.