Car Rental at Kannur International Airport

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Car Rental at Kannur International Airport

If you are a good driver and you have a good driving record in your state, then when you are coming to a state like Kerala, you may wish to move around in a car. If that is true, then you must be looking for some self-drive car rental services, when you land there in the airport. In fact, you can call for rent a car in Kannur international airport after you land from the aeroplane.



How Self-Drive Car Rental Services in Kannur is Helpful

Airport to the hotel or vice versa

This is one of the basic services that self-drive car service offers you. Say, you have just landed in the state of Kerala and you are at the airport. One of the problems that travellers usually complain about is that instant bombarding of the taxi drivers and auto-rickshaw drivers with offers to take you to the cheapest hotels, etc. Furthermore, the taxi drivers sometimes charge high rates when they drop them off, even rates that were not agreed upon prior to boarding the car. A lot of people, especially those who are good drivers themselves don’t like this at all. They would love a service which will give them the car and don’t disturb them further. If you want a self-drive car for this service, then you must know the roads well, otherwise, it is very difficult for a first-time tourist (although a good driver) to reach the hotels without going the wrong way. 


Touring the Rural Areas or The Famous Tourist Spots

A lot of self-drive car rental services like IndusGo offer self-drive cars either by the hour, day or week. So, if you know the place really well, you can take a car and go for a tour all around. Sometimes, tourists like to visit the rural areas that are far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Therefore, if you know the roads really well or have an intricate road map of the various areas, then you can hire cars for a day or more for these services. The good thing about this is that you won’t be over charged, you will not be pestered by too many offers of the private car drivers and you can visit the places on your own. These cars are spacious enough and we provide a lot of varieties in cars so that you can either go on a solo drive or take your family with you. You can choose the car that suits your purpose from the official websites of the rental cars. 



Car Rent on Weddings

Some car rental services also provide wedding cars on rent. The previous two options are mainly for tourists who are good drivers and are visiting Kerala from some other state. But this option is for those who are residents of Kerala. If you stay near Kannur and have an impending wedding, then you can also hire self-drive cars for picking up and dropping people who will attend the wedding. Instead of depending on someone else, you can take a big spacious car from the rental services and take you would be in-laws or your relatives from the wedding hall to their house or vice versa. This helps you a lot as at weddings, timing is very important. Some of the rituals get delayed as the driver does not come on time. You can also travel with your relatives to the wedding which is happening in some other district by driving in a self-drive rental car.



Rental Cars on Important Meetings

Talking about traveling outside the district, you can also use self-drive cars for attending a meeting that is to happen within or outside your city. IndusGo offers self-drive cars for traveling within or outside the city. Now, you will not have to depend on expensive private cars to attend a workshop or meeting that is taking place outside your city. If you know the roads well and are a good driver, then in a couple of minutes you will receive the car at your home. You can take your documents and drive the car to your destination. The cars are delivered free at the location you want. In fact, you can either have them delivered at your office or home or take a tour straight from there.

This is also true for tourists who are coming to Kerala just to attend a meeting. You can hire this service right from the Kannur international airport. After your meeting is over, you can drive back to the airport at the scheduled time of the flight, after you clear the payments. The car will be taken away from the airport. You can pay online or via debit or credit cards. Therefore, there are no payment hassles as found in the case of boarding taxis. These self-drive car rentals are available at a very moderate security deposit. You just need to pay the initial security deposit and provide the identification documents as asked by the rental service on time to get this service without any delay.

To conclude, self-drive car rental services in Kannur are a boon to both the tourists and the people of this place. You can take them to tour the state and use them on official purposes. To make things smoother, there are a few things that you need to do on your side. You must keep all your identity and address proofs ready with you before you order these cars. You must be absolutely sure as to which car you want according to the purpose of the car. That way, you can obtain the service faster and there will be no misunderstandings. You can hire cars for some hours or an entire day. If your requirement is for more than a day, then that is also possible in most of the self-drive rental car services. The only thing is that you must inform the car center beforehand about this requirement. If you are a good driver and you have frequent car requirements, then these self-drive cars are the best option at your disposal.