Why IndusGo is the Best Car Rental Company

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Reasons that make IndusGo the Best Car Rental Services in Kerala

If you live in Kerala and you know how to drive, then you must have rented self-drive cars at some or the other point of time. In that case, you must have heard or utilized the service of IndusGo car rental services. This company provides the best rent a car services in Kerala. They have a strong network of services in Kerala. So, whether you belong to Kerala or not, you can avail the services of this company. If you are a tourist to Kerala, then you can avail the services of this company along with a chauffeur. This will help you know the roads and traffic rules of Kerala. There are some roads which take you to some beautiful locations in Kerala like Munnar or Kannur, but those routes are mostly congested with high traffic. In order to avoid such unpleasant services, and having no other alternative in the last moment, it is better to hire cars with chauffeurs from IndusGo car rental service.

Why IndusGo one of the best car rental services of Kerala?

1. One of the main reasons why IndusGo car rental services are so popular in Kerala is that their services mainly concentrated in Kerala. In fact, until now they have spread their business in over 40 areas of Kerala. Such a well-established network makes this car rental services superior in their service. They have services for all the major airports and railway stations of Kerala. You will find a lot of car rental companies offering services for the major airports. However, most of them avoid railway stations as they feel that people tend to board taxis from railway stations instead of booking cars. However, the truth is that a lot of people hire private cars, as they know driving and the hotel they have booked is quite near to the railway station. In that case, driving in a car seems to be much more comfortable for them. IndusGo car services take advantage of this and have spread their network for almost all rail stations of Kerala. One of the best things about IndusGo is that it is based in Kerala only. Rather than touching more states and offering halfhearted services, this company offers a strong network of services in Kerala only. Therefore you will find that the clients of this company are more than satisfied with their services.


2. IndusGo car rental service has a great number of cars to choose from, most of which are various versions of Maruti. These ranges of cars help them never get out of stock for a client. You get car services from this company almost every time you call them. However, if you need a car booked for the entire week, you must inform the officials of IndusGo at least two or three days before you rent the car. From small to big, there is a car for everybody and every kind of family. If you will be travelling with a big group of friends, then also you can hire two or three Toyota Innovas or Mahindra XUVs. You will get the joy of ride with comfort.




3. A lot of people sometimes have bad experiences from car rental companies as they have to pick up and drop the car at the same location for that car rental company. Now suppose, you choose your pick up from the airport, then you need to drop the car at the airport for some car rental company. Therefore, you need to again take a cab or auto-rickshaw and come to some other place, where you were supposed to leave the car. This involves added hassles and inconvenience. Therefore, IndusGo comes with a solution. You can pick up and drop the hired car at different locations and therefore, you choose your convenient location. They also provide for special yards in all airports in Kerala. This makes the pick up from the airport easier. If you need the car to be delivered at home, then you are required to just pay Rs.500 extra with the rent.



4. The car rental service has its major hubs in Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, Tirur, Kannur, Palakkad & Thrissur, which are the connecting points of a lot of beautiful locations in Kerala. You can reach Kannur, Munnar, Thekkady, Alappuzha and a lot of touring destinations from these major hubs. Therefore, the hubs are created at really good locations, keeping the tourists in mind.  Along with these some of these are really crowded with customers requiring the car rental services. As already mentioned IndusGo offers a great range of cars, which is also true for these major hubs, the customers don’t have problems getting a car, even if they are hiring it from a busy hub.



5. Bookings can be done on the website for IndusGo car services. You can choose the pickup, drop location, the type of car you want to hire and the number of days you want to hire it for. You can hire the car from a few hours to a number of days. Therefore, it provides great services to the customers who have come from outside of Kerala for tour purposes. The tourists have always praised the flexible and great services of this car rental company. 



6. The prices of the car are more or less fixed and highly competitive. This gives the customer value for money. The price doesn’t vary depending on the hub or city from where the car is rented. Sometimes you get fuel free with the car. This helps in removing your worries for the extra prices for the fuels. People need extra money for fuel when they hire cabs. Therefore, it is really comforting if the fuel prices are not charged on the cars.



7. Therefore, if you think of hiring private cars either with or without chauffeurs IndusGo is the complete solution to your needs. You can book online and you don’t even need to go personally to the car rental company if you have your documents ready to be uploaded online. If you are thinking of coming to Kerala to tour some of the great cities here, choose IndusGo to make your visit memorable.