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How to Book a Self Drive Car for Rent From The Kerala Airports



If you are a decent driver and a frequent traveller, you might like to drive a car from the airport to the hotel or vice versa. If you have the road map with you or if you have a GPS system enabled car, then this is quite a better option than hiring a taxi. The reason is that the moment a tourist reaches the airport of any state, the taxi drivers pounce of the passenger and try to drag him or her in his taxi. The taxi driver doesn’t even let the person explain how much he is willing to pay. Sometimes, the initial agreement for a sum of money for a certain drop location gets modified on the will of the taxi driver. Most of the tourists who land in the airport of that city for the first time, find themselves at the mercy of the taxi drivers. If you have already booked your reservation in a hotel and you know the road to the hotel, then the moment you land from the aeroplane, you should book a private car from a renowned rent a car services. You will be able to get the car real fast and all your worries to reach a hotel within a stipulated time will be over. Let’s see the steps for booking a self-drive car from airports in Kerala.


Methods for Booking a Self Drive Car for Rent from the Kerala Airports


1. You should definitely book the car online. This reduces a lot of hassles and you can pay the money online. However, you cannot just search for random self-drive cars and book any car from the website. You should do a background check on the car rental company first. Now, doing a background check the moment you land in Kerala will not be possible for you. You will be in a hurry to reach your destination. So at the very beginning decide that whether you want the service of self-drive cars.


You should keep in mind that if you are going to Kerala, then there are a lot of popular car rental companies like IndusGo which offers you various kinds of cars and for more than a day. If you are a tourist in Kerala, then you will require a dedicated car for a few days to tour within the city. In fact, this company IndusGo has a wide network in Kerala and you can avail their cars to go to some other city from where you are staying. Therefore, before coming to Kerala, you should decide upon the company from which you will rent the car and make a thorough research on the service provided by the company. You can easily log onto their website to book the car.


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2. You should set the pickup location from the dropdown box, given in the app or website. Sometimes you can set a more detailed location from the google map. This is in the case; the exact gate number is not given as an option in the dropdown box. After you set the location as your airport gate, you must choose the number of hours you will need the car for. If you need the car to reach the hotel in Kerala, then you will require the car for a maximum of 2 hours. However, if you want to book a car for the entire trip in Kerala, you should specify the number of days you would require the car. IndusGo lets you hire the car for weeks and months and you can even keep the pickup and drop location differently. This means that you don’t need to keep the pickup location of the self-drive car as the airport forcefully if the drop location of the car was the airport. The pickup and drop of the cars are free. 

3. After you set the drop location, you need to choose the car that you would like to drive. If you are alone, a small car will do. If you have your family, then perhaps a six seated car will be enough. If you have more than one family accompanying you, then you would require more than one car. In either case, you will get full support from the car rental company. 



4. If you are booking the car online or through an app, then you need to submit the security deposit after reading all their rules and regulations. Please read them carefully to avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings. You have to select the checkbox if I agree with the terms and conditions before you proceed for the final payment of the security deposit. Remember that this security deposit is refundable and it is not the rate of the car that you are supposed to pay for your ride. The entire price of your usage of the self-drive car will be taken once you complete your drive. You can pay that online or in cash.


5. After you fill up the form and select the car and pay the security deposit, you will have to upload a copy of your driving license. Therefore, it is very important to have a copy of your driving license online. After this is done, you will have to wait for their approval. Once the car company approves your order, you will have to wait for the car to be delivered at the airport.


The steps to book a car online are very simple. If you have an internet enabled phone, then such booking will take less than 15 minutes. If you know driving, then why not use self-drive cars to drive from the airport to the hotel? The selection of the car, payment for the car and everything can be done online. If you are not confident enough regarding the roads of Kerala, then ask for a GPS enabled car. The GPS along with the airport authorities and the representative of the ar company can guide you the pathway to the hotel.