Documents Required For Rent a Car in Kerala

Jan 17, 2023
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What Is Required To Rent A Car

Hiring a car for rent is one of the laudable alternatives when planning a trip to Kerala. Renting a car offers the chance to enjoy privacy with your family. There are two basic methods to hire a car rental, i.e., with or without a chauffeur.

Some basic requirements make this option suitable for everyone with basic driving skills. With the knowledge of Kerala's traffic regulations and the roadmap, you can hire a car with a chauffeur for one week. However, if you are often confused about what documents you need to rent a car, keep reading this article and learn about the same.

Documents Required To Rent A Car? 

1. Original Driving license 

Your driving license is the first document you need to self-drive a car. Either upload your original driving license or submit a copy to the car rental provider's office. 

If you're booking a car and someone else is driving, their driving license copy will need to be uploaded or submitted.

2. Identity Proof (Voter ID or Aadhar card) 

If you are an Indian, then you need to upload your voter card or Aadhar card as a proof of your citizenship and your address. Here also, the same rule will apply. If you are booking the car from the website or mobile app, but you are not the person who will drive the car, then you need to upload the Aadhar or voter card of that the person who will be actually driving the car. 

3. Passport   

If you are a foreign international and you want to hire a car in Kerala, you You will also require a passport if you are a foreign international and you want to hire a car in Kerala, You need to must upload the passport identification pages(both in at the front and at the end) in on the website or over the mobile app, wherever you are booking the car. 

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 4.  Payment details (Credit/Debit card or UPI)

If you are going to pay make an online payment, then you will also have to provide the details of your credit card or debit card whichever you are using to pay. You will get the acknowledgment of the payment online, which will be mailed to you. also receive an acknowledgment of the online payment on your registered email ID.

Why Renting a Car is Better than Cabs?

If you are a tourist in Kerala, you may be confused about hiring cabs or private cars. Here are some points that will help you make your decision:

  • You can keep private cars for as long as 30-days, which isn't the case with taxis. Plus, the rules are more stringent if you ride in Uber/Ola or other in-app cabs. You must prefer a private car if your chosen hotel provides a dedicated parking space and you're staying in Kerala for a little while.


  • It's easier to bargain on the taxi rates, unlike the case of self-drive cars. Cab drivers generally hike their tariff for tourists. However, the rent of private cars is fixed and dependent on the car size plus the facilities they provide. However, at IndusGo, you can avail of a private car for just Rs. 70/- per hour.


  • If you take a taxi, then you have to provide for the fuel charges. The cab charges never include fuel prices. However, many of the private cars are available with free fuel. Therefore, this is much more convenient for people who can drive well.



Hiring a car offers optimum comfort and convenience within affordable charges. With all these listed documents, renting a car becomes easier and more relaxing. However, ensure that you're not exceeding the renting tenure mentioned while booking the car. If the renting period exceeds certain circumstances, extra charges will be applied for a minimum of half of the day. The more time you extend the timeframe, the costs will increase simultaneously.

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