One-Way Car Rental: Can I Drop My Rented Car in Different Location

Travelling from one city to another in India? But not sure about car rental drop off in different location. IndusGo will help you provide with any one-way car rental pickup & drop-off services.

Feb 23, 2023
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One-Way Car Rental: Can I Drop My Rented Car in Different Location

If you can drive cars and you know the various locations of Kerala really well, you can think of renting self-drive cars from IndusGo. This will help you go to any location in Kerala as smoothly as possible. You can book a car from some hours to a maximum of one week. Sometimes, people book cars from IndusGo for covering office meetings in various parts of Kerala. In that case, it is quite obvious that you will not be able to drop the car at the same location from where you picked it up. This is not an issue with IndusGo. If you book the car from our official website (, then you can see that there are two separate options to select the pickup and drop off locations. In fact, you can choose two different cities for pickup and drops. You will seldom find a car rental company that offers you such flexibility. Many car rental companies have a strict rental policy that you have to pick up and drop the car at the same location.

Car Rental Pickup & Drop Off in Different Locations: How to Book a Car For Rent Through IndusGo?

If you require a private car for a day from IndusGo, then you must be wondering as to how to book the care from us. The best method to do so is online. You can even pay for the rented car online. However, initially, you will just have to pay the security deposit that will be kept with the car company until you deliver the car back. The security fee for renting a car from IndusGo is really low. You have to select the pickup and drop-off cities. If you need the car for moving in the same city, then your pickup and drop-off cities will be the same. However, if the cities are different, then you can mention them as well. The cities in Kerala that you can select for pickup and/or drop-off are listed below:

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Flexibilities Offered by IndusGo Car Rental Services

Therefore, as you may understand that there are a lot of options to select from in IndusGo. There is a lot of flexibility that is offered to you while booking the car. You can book the car for up to a duration of one week. You can check for the availability of cars by selecting the dates of your requirement from their official website. We cater to numerous customers with hundreds of cars of various sizes. So, you could be a single person booking the car, you could have a family, or you could have a bunch of friends attending a seminar or workshop in Kerala, IndusGo provides private cars for every situation and every requirement. If you want then we can provide cars without fuel and you can refuel it at the nearest gas station. However, one recommendation would be to rent cars filled with fuel to the brim. This saves your time and energy. Again, if you are new to Kerala, then hiring a car without drivers and fuel is highly NOT recommended. You can also call IndusGo representatives at +91-95395-80000 for information related to the car models they offer.  


Can I Drop My Rented Car in a Different Location? If yes, What are The Documents Required to Rent The Car?

By far, you already know that you can book a car with different pickup and drop cities from IndusGo. Now, there are few documents that you will require to show the agents of our company while booking the car. You must be able to prove that you have a valid driving license. Therefore, if you are a minor, then you cannot book a rental car here. Along with that, your driving license must be currently free from any legal hassle. If you are a foreign national who has come to visit Kerala, then you would require providing your passport, before getting the possession of the car. You may submit photocopies of your documents before you get the keys to the car. If you have these documents scanned online, then you may even upload them. Once your booking is done, a representative from our company will confirm your booking and bring the car to the delivery location you mentioned.Booking rental cars are now easier with IndusGo and you can do it to go anywhere in Kerala. You need not to keep the same location for pickup and drop while booking cars from IndusGo. In fact, IndusGo offers you to book the cars from all the major airports of Kerala. So if you are flying for the first time to Kerala, you need not to worry. IndusGo is here to help you with their cars and 24 hours of technical support.

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