Rent a Car for Honeymoon Trip in Kerala

Are you a newlywed couple planning for honeymoon? Enjoy your memorable days in Kerala by taking a rental car. Read here to know how to book a car for rent on your honeymoon trip in Kerala with IndusGo.

Feb 23, 2023
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Rent a Car for Honeymoon Trip in Kerala

Kerala is the perfect honeymoon destination for newlywed couples. With breathtaking views from locations like Munnar, Kochi, and Kannur, it's no less than heaven for couples. Plus, for traveling, if you're planning to rent a car for your honeymoon in Kerala,you're thinking in the right direction, as it will keep you comfortable and maintain your privacy throughout the trip.

Hire the best quality cars from a reliable car rental provider like IndusGo, which has a wide network across Kerala and provides the largest dealership of Maruti cars in India. Besides Trivandrum, IndusGo has outlets in different places like Cochin, Wayanad, Alappuzha, Kannur, etc., and they provide flexible pickup and drop service, i.e., you can hire a car from anywhere and drop it off in any other city of Kerala. 

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How to Book the Rental Cars for Kerala Couples Travelling in Car for Honeymoon

Whether it be IndusGo or any other car rental company,  car booking has become much easier with a few steps.  

1. Booking a Rental  Car Without  a Computer 

If you don’t have  access to a computer or a smartphone, you can book your car rentals for your honeymoon in Kerala over the phone, since every car rental company has a dedicated contact number. 

Before you fly off on your honeymoon, give a call to the com you are on a one-month honeymoon, it is better to book the car for the entire month before your journey.

You must also share your preferences for the car type, as it will help the car rental company book the car of your choice for one month. Generally, Maruti two-seaters, Nissan 3702 two-seaters, or the SUV open-hood two-seaters are the best choices for a honeymoon couple, especially those couples who belong to Kerala and know the roads to various places well.

Other than this, you must mention the date when you will return the car and and your drop-off location. Since the booking will be made over the phone, you must visit their office, to submit the necessary documents (driving license, identity proof, etc.). You must also pay the initial security deposit in cash. Try to avoid keeping the car for more than the time mentioned in the agreement between you and the car company. Otherwise, you would have to pay extra charges for at least half a day, which will continue to rise until you do not drop off the rented car.      


2.  Car Rental Booking With a Computer

The thought process for choosing a car would remain the same as above. Other than that, the honeymoon trip car rental booking process will change a bit. You can book from the websites by selecting the city or location where you want the car delivered. You must also choose the location or the city where you will leave the car in the hands of the car company officials .

You must choose the date for pickup and drop off from the respective drop boxes. You will   then view all car options available during your tenure in another drop box. Now, since you will be booking the dates and the car specifications will be given online, you should have all your documents ready in a pdf format.  

Your driving license is the main document you require to book your car. Therefore, you must have a pdf of your driving license, and that too within the size limit mentioned on the car rental company's website. 

Other than this, you would require your passport's identification pages if you are a foreign international. If you are an Indian, then your e-aAdhar card will suffice. Other than these, you must submit the required details of your credit or debit card to pay the final payment online. 

Before you use the car, you need to pay the security deposit online. If you choose IndusGo, your security deposit will be very low compared compared to many other car rental companies. Other than this, some car rental companies may ask for online copies of your air ticket. 

3. Booking of a Self Drive Car With a Smartphone

Here most things are the same as in case of Booking via computer, for example, selecting the car, picking up and dropping off dates, paying the security deposit, etc. The only difference is that, you must download the car rental provider's app  instead of booking it via website.  

After completing your journey with the private car's help, you can also provide your review or feedback via the app review tab. These apps also provide you an account of how many miles you have traveled so far in that car, which is impossible on the website.


Honeymoon trip car rentals become convenient and easier if you are a good driver, making the process of choosing a self-drive car a good alternative. In this case, you can enjoy your trip with complete privacy and fun. Further, book your car rental service with a renowned and established brand providing flexible services and a wide range of vehicle options, such as IndusGo.  

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