Destinations in Chennai for a Weekend Drive

Are you searching for thrilling destinations in Chennai for a perfect weekend drive? Do you know any travel destinations for road trips around Chennai? Read this article to to more.

Feb 13, 2023
5 mins read

Thrilling Destinations in Chennai for a Perfect Weekend Drive

Clustering your memories with castles or restaurants you visited in your previous trips? Well, why not try long drive road trips around Chennai this time? A refreshing weekend drive in Chennai is the much-awaited respite you need from your busy schedule. With thrilling destinations in and around Chennai, your journey would be filled with exciting experiences. Travel destinations in Chennai will open your eyes as none other sites would ever have.

With the conveyance planning done before-hand, IndusGo warrants you a comfortable weekend trip. They offer flexible dynamic pricing and other facilities like 24-hour assistance.

The five most thrilling destinations in Chennai for a perfect weekend drive for you are:

1. Chittoor

The evergreen landscapes and mesmerizing history of Chittoor isn’t the only reason for you to explore it. Chittoor is surrounded by beautiful hills of Nagari filled with tall, green trees. It is known for having the world’s richest temple. The fresh air with the early morning smell of mud would make your daybreaks better.

Visit the famous and serene Sri Venkateswara temple, sculpted around the lap of spirituality. Far from the deafening crowd of the city, break out in the wild. You will find yourself lost in the beauty of places like Mogili, Ramagiri, Gurramkonda Fort, and Kalavagunta. The calm atmosphere will lift your spirits. You will experience the art of understanding the silence of nature. Moreover, the chirping of the birds and the rustling of leaves will make your weekend enchanting.   

2. Kodaikanal

Famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, it is a serene escape route from the busy lifestyles. It is a great scenic tourist spot with exciting shopping options for you. Its delights do not end with just being beautiful. It also offers one of the best honeymoon destinations in Tamil Nadu, Chennai. Covered with dense woods and puzzling jungles, its sedating beauty shall never take your eyes off. With an elevation of 7000 feet above sea-level, it has become a favourite spot for tourists. This “gift of the forest” was considered to be the summer capital during the 19th century.

For the best experience, travel on a summer weekend between March to early May. The favourable temperature falls around 21 degree Celsius to 37 degree Celsius. If you are tight on your budget this time, well then go for Kodaikanal. It is considered to be the “princess of hill stations”. Rent a car and just get going. 

3. Yercaud

Looking for lush green scenes, blue lakes and beautiful mountain sort of break? Then this is the right place for you. Take a back seat and relax. This hill station will give you an automatic pleasurable feeling. Attractive spots like the rose garden and Botanical Garden will make a place in your heart. Other places are also very relaxing. You will find waterfalls around the town. The sound of fast gushing water will make your trip memorable.

With such locations, there are ample of opportunity for you to choose the best one for yourself. Take a drive to the Loop road to view the amazing tea and coffee plantations. You may even plan small outings like picnic days near the Kiliyur Waterfalls in Yercaud. Going crazy about buying new furniture set for the next festival season? Well, this place is abundant with remarkable textile and handloom shops. You can also purchase some fresh spices from the local market.  

4. Ooty

This cosy little hill town is packed with greenery and quiet neighbourhood. It has a combined charm of the historical buildings as well as the humdrum scenes of life. Ooty has been standing strong since the British era. Its beauty hasn’t been hauled down even a bit. The must-visit places therein are St. Stephen’s Church, Tribal Research Centre(TRC)Museum and Nilgiri Library. For the misty morning basking, Doddabetta lookout is not to be missed. If Kodaikanal is the “princess of hills”, then, Ooty is the “Queen of the hills”. The Blue Mountains allure you to come visit it again. It is very popular as well as the most favourite travel destination for many.

Try out some boating and sightseeing activities at the loveliest tourist love spots. Indulge in all the bounties that the pretty mountains have to offer you.

5. Pondicherry

Its popularity ranges from its beaches to lucrative historical monuments.  Temples and churches of Pondicherry are well-known too. This intriguing place in India takes you away from the normal lifestyle. It gives a brand new vibe of being in a new place altogether. With a completely different culture, it only increases your level of curiosity to yearn for more. 

At a distance of 161 km from Chennai, it is a perfect weekend-long drive travel destination. Its enticing inducements does not end here. It has incredible cuisines, lighthouses, beaches, and wonderful sunrises. You would have no reason to miss a single morning to see the beautiful sunrise there. The place is safe for women to travel and stay alone. Try surfing at the serenity beach. Get boat rides and complete your day with a startling nightlife at pubs and lounges.

What better way to end your trip than to get plentiful adventure with family and friends. Parties every weekend may not quench your thirst for a lively lifestyle. But these rejuvenating trips to these scenic spots in and around Chennai must not be left untouched. Look at the turquoise sky just before the rains; and watch every drop drizzle down the leaves of the trees. What is stopping you from turning your lazy Sunday into an energizing trip? You are just a step away from the making of your dream destination trips come true. Keep your phone away for a while, grab your trekking kit and look up at the sky!  

So, pack your bags and tug goggles on your t-shirt. Get ready for the perfect snapshot for your next Instagram post. What bothers you more when your car is waiting at the door? Get going to your favourite long drive weekend destinations with rented cars from IndusGo.

From trekking trips to simply mesmerising the waterfalls to dazzling spots, Chennai is filled with unexplored surprises. Take out some time from your rigidly busy routines. 

Too worked up from Friday’s work? Without any second thoughts, weekend drive in Chennai is the best tonic for your relief. Enjoy yourself while seeing the place, people and the overall journey to your destination. Don’t limit yourself, go out and explore the most amazing travel destinations in Chennai. You can’t get better escapes anywhere else than the road trips around Chennai. Rewrite your own story with the most beautiful of your memories. Chennai is waiting for you.

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