Things to Consider Before Renting Self-drive Cars in Chennai

Are you looking forward to booking yourself the best self-drive cars in Chennai? Here are six factors that you must consider before selecting a self-drive car.

May 02, 2023
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Things to keep in mind before renting a self drive car in Chennai

Things to keep in mind before renting a self-drive car in Chennai

As the tourism sector has changed drastically, so has the concept of mode of transportation. Gone are the days when individuals used to haul a cab or take public transport to explore a new location. In urban centers, renting self-driving vehicles has become quite a trend due to this option's ease and freedom.

You can quickly get self-drive cars in Chennai and enjoy the benefits that come with them. Not only is this option affordable, but it allows you to drive yourself to places and get more acquainted with roadways. This blog has discussed a list of things you must consider before renting a self-drive vehicle.

Best self-drive cars in Chennai

To get the best experience while exploring new destinations and traveling, you must get the best self-drive car for rent in Chennai. Some of the best rental services available will give you privacy and freedom from nosy drivers. You may self-drive your rental car and meet your relatives or attend business meetings without dealing with overcrowded public transport.

Moreover, these rental cars are budget-friendly, ridding you of expensive cab prices. The best self-drive cars will come with flexible booking and pricing plans. You can book your rental based on how long you need it, such as hours, days, weeks, months, etc. These cars will be well-maintained and hygienic. Also, you may get these delivered to your home or at the airport. 

Things to Look for Before Selecting a Self-Drive Car

Extensive options are available with several modern rental car services. Car rental companies offer various opportunities to streamline your self-driving experience. However, you must consider a few factors before selecting a vehicle. These factors are listed below to better your booking experience.

  • Rent a Car From A Recognized Self-Drive Car Service

Renting a self-drive car is an ideal option for traveling and exploring new places. Whether alone or on a family vacation, renting a car could bring several advantages. However, make sure that you select a recognizable self-drive car service. These services adhere to what they promise and make your journey more fun.

These services promise to provide you with sanitized cars. With the Covid outbreak, it has become essential to maintain a hygienic environment. One of the critical benefits is how budget-friendly these services are. Car rentals cost less than your cab charges. Moreover, these services give you pricing plans according to your rental period. You may even rent a self-drive car in Chennai for over a month. 

Additionally, these services will benefit you as they are safer than sitting in a cab with a stranger. You can decide whenever you want to make a stop. With a recognizable rental service, you will get the best cars delivered to your doorstep. 

  • Follow the Local Rules & Customs

When opting for a rental car self-drive in Chennai, you must be aware of the following driving conditions. Although these cars are affordable and have various benefits, you must remember and follow the state rules and customs since you will be held accountable for any fines and traffic violations. It would be best if you didn't use the provided vehicles for illegal purposes.

  • Look for ‘Hidden’ or ‘Other’ Costs

Before selecting a self-drive rental vehicle, you must consider the overall cost and fee policy. Check if the prices mentioned include taxes such as GST. Many companies also ask for a deposit fee that gets refunded within a minimum of 5 business days. Be aware of the additional charges that come with booking rentals. These companies also ask for damage costs, which can cost more than the deposited fees.

Other costs may include toll charges, parking fees, as well as extension charges. Some self-car rentals can even leverage technology to track your speed, charging you for overspeeding. The amount increases with every penalty, so you must follow the given speed limit to avoid extra costs. 

Many companies also charge separately for fuel packages. Based on some packages, you might be requested to return the car with the same fuel amount as when delivered. You might get charged for extra usage of fuel. Moreover, many companies also charge for late return of the vehicle by hours or kilometers. 

Furthermore, you must be aware of the cancellation refund policy of the company you are thinking of selecting. Many companies only refund your money if you cancel within 24 hours of the booking. 

  • Check For Damages Before Booking

Car rental services often hold their customer liable for any damages caused to the vehicle, irrespective of whether it's your fault or of a third party. 

You must properly check for prior damages before selecting the car. Note any stains, tears, or unusual smells in the car's interior. Check for external damage and ensure that you notify the car rental company before the booking.

  • Choose the Right Car

Many car options from various brands, like sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, etc., are available when you opt for a rental vehicle. So, if you want a thrilling and high-quality experience, you can also choose luxury cars for self-drive in Chennai

However, to select an ideal car, you must remember the number of people traveling, luggage space, and convenience. To cut down your travel costs, choosing a diesel hatchback with enough seating and luggage space is ideal. You can also select an automated vehicle depending on your comfort. 

  • Have All Documents/Papers In Place

You must ensure that you have all the documents required to pick up your car, including your license, identification card, ID proof, and passport (if you're an international traveler). In addition, ensure that the vehicle you're renting has all documents in place to avoid future hassles.


Getting a self-drive car can bring several advantages and make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. However, consider the above-discussed factors before booking. If you wish to get a top-notch car for rent in Chennai, IndusGo is a trusted and popular choice. They offer sanitized cars and a convenient pick-up and drop facility, and you can book your favorite self-drive vehicle from their website at affordable costs.

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