Places to visit near Chennai for 2 days

Are you planning for a weekend trip around Chennai? Let's explore the places to visit near Chennai for 2 days together in this blog.

Feb 15, 2023
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2 Days Trip Places in Chennai

Chennai, located on the coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal, is the merging point of culture. Officially known as the gateway to South, Chennai is also the gateway to the unbound cultural extravaganza of India. The beauty of the sea, the serenity of tradition, the glamour of city life, and commercial streets welcomes you to its bosom. Sagas of tradition, history and renaissance wait here to lull every tourist in its magnificence. Every journey should make you dive deep into yourself and into the world. A trip to Chennai can give you a lot, if you love to hear stories, every nook and corner will sing to you its eternal music. Chennai offers you a handful of choices. If you are confused seeing its boundless beauty. Let's explore the places to visit near Chennai for 2 days together


So, if you want to see how the sky and sea meet, Marina Beach, India's longest and world's second-largest beach, should be there in the corner of your list. The beauty of sunlight, the age-old lighthouse, and the marine beauties welcome you to the unending serenity. A plethora of beach activities like horse rides, kite flying is there to provide you with entertainment. November to March is the best time for you to visit the place. Aquarium and ice-house are the main attractions here. South Indian food stalls and marine food varieties are also there to give your tongue undying appetite.  


If you are an art enthusiast, then there is no need for a second thought, come to Mahabalipuram or Mallapuram, here you will find ancient architectural beauty. The artist, who made it a long time ago, has a bounty of stories to tell you, if you are looking for a tranquil sea and serenity of heritage, then Mahabalipuram is the right place. Who knows, maybe the iconic shore temple with its sculptural beauty may help to evoke the sleeping artist in you.   


A meeting place of distinct cultures. Mylapore is known for its gothic beauty. It is the oldest residential area in Chennai, a ground for acquiring knowledge about the multicultural facet of our nation, and of course, it is the meeting place of knowledge also, historically, the place was called Vedapuri once. Kapaleeshwarar temple, Aadiperumal temple, St.Thomas Basilica Church and many other mosques, churches, and temples stand to raise their heads high here.  


Thousands plunge here to take the blessing of ‘Vellankani Mathavu'. A place which is beyond the knowledge and limits of religion, caste, creed, and gender. The Mother of all resides here and people have abundant faith in her. How could you return from Chennai without meeting that mother who is the protector of all who visits here? The church is located at Elliot's Beach and offers mass in both Tamil and English.The best time to visit Velankanni is from October to March, due to the calm and cold atmosphere. Though late August to the middle of September is a peak season due to the festival of Velankanni Annual Feast Day.


The world of astronomy welcomes you here. At least once in our lifetime, we all have wished to conduct an expedition to the moon and other planets. So your wish could be completed if you visit Birla Planetarium in Chennai. If you love astronomy, then this is the best place to gather knowledge by enjoying the magnificence of the planetarium.  


Prayer should bring you the light of your life. Here you could pray amidst the glow of thousand oil lamps burning together. The mosque is also known for its architectural beauty. Separate prayer spaces are arranged for women devotees also. If you are looking for a calm or serene place to relieve yourselves from the burden of buzzing city life, then the thousand lights mosque is one of the best places to visit in Chennai.


History murmurs here. The aroma of the colonial glory can be felt in each nook and corner of this fort. Once, the fort was used by the British for their official matters. When you walk along the lanes of the fort nostalgia of lost colonial past lingers around you. 


Away from the buzzing industries and cities, Royapuram Fishing Harbour is a fantastic spot to identify the livelihood of fisher folks. Considered as the biggest fish market, you can witness everything from catching a fish and arranging them in the market


Dakshinachitra, a picture of the south, is the best place for those who love to know about the bountiful culture of the south. The place arranges whole South India under a roof, the culture, tradition, lifestyle, and architecture are manifested with all their magnificence.  


Chennai is a place known for its spiritual ambience. Ashtalakshmi temple is the best place to visit if you are in Chennai to get spiritually awakened. The place is a calm abode, the sound of sea waves and the serenity of the temple merges here, and gives you peace and solace.  


If you are in Chennai, then you should not return without visiting Guindy National Park. It’s a place to educate yourself and entertain yourself. This park is spread over 2.70 km square in the protected area of Chennai. Maintained by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, houses a variety of flora, fauna and endangered wildlife species. It is also home to some of the unique species of the reptiles such as viper, python, King Cobra, fascinating sea snakes along with turtles. 


Our nation has carved a niche in the world of literature. If you are a literature lover then you should visit the Connemara Public Library in Chennai. It is India's storehouse of Knowledge. You will get to see all the books, periodicals which were published in India. India's literary richness can be seen here.


 Semmozi Poonga is a heaven for nature lovers, more specifically Botany lovers. This is the most renowned botanical garden of Chennai, whose beautiful landscape and variety of greenery make it a great place for not only sightseeing but also for photography. This place is a local favourite for morning walk and jog. It has a strict visiting time - 6 to 8 AM for monthly pass holders and 10 AM to 7:30 PM for tourists and visitors. There is also a small entrance fee of Rs.15 for adults and Rs. 10 for children below 10 years of age. 


The place can be considered as the abode of Dravidian culture. The glory of the south Indian architecture and lore of the South Indian Bakhti tradition mingles here. Marundeeswararar is the god of medicine, it is believed that eating Prasad of Marundeeswarar helps to cure all your diseases.

Chennai's beauty and magnificence cannot be filled in pages. Places to visit near Chennai for 2 days are indeed endless. Just pack your bags, rent a car from IndusGo and head to Chennai, and then explore the cultural beauty of the South Indian tradition.

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