How to Reach from Chennai to Velankanni - A Travel Guide

Are you confused how to reach from Chennai to Velankanni by car? Do you know how much distance needs to complete during Chennai to Velankanni trip? Click here to read this blog to know all this.

Feb 15, 2023
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How to Reach from Chennai to Velankanni by Car Route - A Driving Guide

Velankanni is quite a popular town in Tamil Nadu towards the south of Chennai. However, despite being so very popular among tourists and religious pilgrimage, it appears to be quite remote. No, transport isn’t rare from Chennai to Velankanni, but the distance and lack of direct trains might put anyone off. And thus, the 313 kilometres distance by road needs to be covered by a vehicle. Though there are bus services available, the best option will be a self-driven car. 

So, if you want to travel to Velankanni and include it in your short trip itinerary, here is a quick guide to how to reach from Chennai to Velankanni in the most convenient way, but first, let us know about the town.  

History of Velankanni 

Velankanni was once a big commercial centre for the Greeks and Roman. However, the city lots its charm due to the rising importance of a nearby Nagapattinam. The place hosts some of the great churches that are standing amidst pure palm trees. They have an annual festival which in the present day attracts thousands of people around the globe. Chennai to Velankanni trip will give you a major relief from the hustle-bustle of the city. There trains connecting Chennai to Nagapattinam, but direct car service is the wisest option. 

Best Time to Explore Velankanni

People planning to visit the tourist place should consider October to March time. The climate is cool and you can avoid the heat and sultry weather. End of August to mid-September the city is populated with many tourists for the yearly festival. This span is considered to be the best holiday season. 

Distance Between Chennai to Velankanni

Needless to say, when it comes to travelling long distances by road, nothing else would come as close to being comfortable as a car. It has forever been the most convenient mode of transport through the highways. Irrespective of whether you own a car or have rented a car with a driver, comfort, and convenience is guaranteed.

However, to make things more convenient and interesting for you, you can rent a self-drive car for yourself. There are many companies that rent cars, along with drivers, to drop you off at Velankanni from Chennai. They are not hard to find and you can look them up on the internet.

Best Routes to Visit from Chennai to Velankaanni by Car

Renting cars, with a driver, mostly depends on the total number of occupants. They are large SUV cars that are best-known for their highway capabilities. Yet, some people find the utmost pleasure in hopping in their cars and driving the open roads themselves. And since Chennai to Velankanni mostly includes driving through the open scenic of the East Coast Road and NH 32, you are better off taking the steering yourself. 

Why should you consider self-drive cars for Chennai to Velankanni Trip?

There are many advantages that you will have if you consider self-driven cars for your trip to Velankanni from Chennai. Some of the advantages are

  • Self-drive cars impart a feeling of ownership. A lot of people love driving, irrespective of how long the journey is.

  • It is the most convenient mode of transport from Chennai to Velankanni. It would take the least time to cover the entire journey.

  • The travellers can take the journey their own way, stop for umpteen number of food stops, stop by stores to buy food, etc.

  • They are very flexible at the pickup location. If you have just arrived at Chennai airport, a pre-booked self-drive car would be waiting to take charge and continue the journey to Velankanni.

    Rent a self drive car in chennai airport at affordable prices.

  • You can choose any type of car that would need, be it a family SUV or a compact hatchback.

Rented cars allow you to enjoy in your own way. If you are wondering how to reach from Chennai to Velankanni, then you know what to choose. 

By now, you might already have a clear idea about what would be best for you while travelling from Chennai to Velankanni. Self-driven cars are preferred by many as a swift mode of transport and family trip. Buses are the most common modes of commute in this route. However, it would not be very comfortable and convenient for everyone, mainly due to the breaks and the long travel time. 

And lastly, with a wide range of advantages over others, self-driven cars are the most preferred modes of transport. The long road trip along the vast stretches of greenery of NH 32 would definitely instil a wonderful feeling in you.

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