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Are you searching for any Chennai sightseeing car rentals? IndusGo provides sightseeing self drive cars at affordable prices in Chennai.

Feb 15, 2023
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Chennai Sightseeing Car Rental from IndusGo

From sun-kissed beaches lined with tall palms swaying in the breeze to ancient monuments offering a peek into the stunning architecture; from rich and delicious seafood platters to aromatic vegetarian ones; and from cities bustling with a plethora of modern-day attractions to scenic villages with rustic country elements and idyllic settings – Chennai is rightly one of the most famous tourist places to visit in India. 

The city is a wonderful mosaic of different types of tourist attractions and landmarks that attracts tourists from all over the world. In a city loaded with attractions and landmarks, car rentals are the best means for Chennai sightseeing and enjoying exciting day-outs with friends, family and alone! Find more about Chennai sightseeing car rentals and what makes them the best option to explore this mesmerizing city. 

Chennai is a coastal city that enjoys a moderately humid climate throughout the year. So, you can enjoy Chennai sightseeing activities at any time of the year. Though there are an ample number of public transportation means to choose from, for Chennai sightseeing car rentals are the best!

IndusGo – Best sightseeing travels in Chennai

IndusGo offers the best and the most reliable car rental services for sightseeing, renting and travelling in general. Being a reputed name when it comes to the automobile industry and is also the number one dealer of Maruti, we offer a large fleet of different types of cars and offers the best car rental service portfolio. 

The main features that make IndusGo the best are:

  • Flexible Car Rentals:

The cars can be booked online at any time and from anywhere. Apart from this, you can also choose any pickup and drop-off point for the rented cars. Also, you can rent a car on an hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis. Cars can be booked with or without fuel. 

So, all in all, IndusGo Car Rentals are the most perfect partners for Chennai sightseeing. You can hop-on and hop-off at as many places as you want. 

  • Cost-Effective:

Self-driven car rentals are cheaper as compared to taxis. On average, they help you save around 30% to 40% on travelling expenses. Further, there is no need to buy your own car in case your budget doesn’t allow you. All you have to do is log on the official website and book a car of your choice and as per your requirement. 

  • Safety and Security:

Solo travelling and all-girls group travelling can limit the places and travelling hours because of security and safety concerns. However, having a private car at your disposal allows you to make the most of your sightseeing travels in Chennai and enjoy travelling as and when you want.

You can experience the joy of wandering aimlessly on the roads deep into the nights without having to get worried about the co-passengers on the bus etc. Further, when you drive on your own, you can stay away from the prying eyes and ears of the stranger drivers. 

  • Privacy:

The car rentals allow you the required privacy and you can plan your private rendezvous’ as you want. There are many beaches in and around Chennai that offer mesmerizing sunsets, dreamy night scenes and lovely sunrises. So, if you have been planning to spend some romantic moments with your loved one, simply opt for Chennai sightseeing car rentals and make the most of your adventures.

  • Perks:

The IndusGo car rentals for Chennai sightseeing also come with various perks such as discounts for new customers and points for the regular ones. Hence, you can travel at ease and enjoy savings hand in hand with IndusGo.  

Sightseeing travels in Chennai with IndusGo – What makes us unique?

You can also plan Chennai Sightseeing tours of any length and any type with the IndusGo car rentals. Be it the heritage tours and historical tours of Chennai or bazaar trails; be it a day-out exploring the various beaches of Chennai or shopping trails in the most renowned shopping hubs of Chennai, and be it a wonderful tour of all the religious sites and temples of Chennai or the museums of Chennai – IndusGo promises to make sure that you make the most of your travel!

We, at IndusGo, offer car rentals that are as varied as the demands of the travel sector. From hourly rentals for the people travelling on a budget to daily and monthly rentals for people coming from different parts of the world – we readily offer a wide range of options to choose from. Apart from offering car rentals, we also offer round the clock road assistance to make sure that your travels are without any inconveniences.  

IndusGo – Taking you out of the boundaries:

There are many impressive tourist destinations near Chennai such as Yelagiri Hills, Nandi Hills, Vellore, Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram etc. All of them are highly popular among tourists and locals and are also famous as the weekend getaways. 

With a sturdy and reliable set of wheels to take you places, you are in for an adventure worth taking and enjoying! Book an SUV or MUV and enjoy camping among the hillocks and trees. Make your family vacation easy and full of joy by packing all the essentials of your kids. Pack an entire set of beach toys and tools and enjoy making a castle with your little ones while soaking in the coastal sun. 

Make your anniversaries and birthdays extra-special by combining the celebrations with an exciting escapade to some dreamy location in or around Chennai. Plan your travelling with the exclusive and customer-oriented sightseeing car rentals from IndusGo that are crafted keeping the diverse set of travelling in mind!

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