A Road Trip from Chennai to Horsley Hills

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Feb 15, 2023
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Trip from Chennai to Horsley Hills

Enveloped and surrounded by the stunning hills and covered by green forests on all sides, lies a hilly area that has housed ancient local tribes and yester-era British Collector – the Horsley Hills. The place is famous for being the home of an old woman Mallamma, a saint who was raised by elephants and offers many other interesting and intriguing myths and folklore to the visitors.

Blessed with incredible beauty and lots of interesting places to visit nearby, Horsley Hills are rightly called the green refuge as they are cooler and greener than the dry and hot parts in its surroundings. Natural vegetation and man-made plantations of exotic trees and eucalyptus offer lovely pathways to tread upon and witness the beauty of the region. Offering sightseeing for the nature lovers and adventures for the daredevils, this is an exciting destination for a fantastic road trip from Chennai to Horsley Hills. 

Find out all about the place; the route information; activities to do and how to spend a long weekend here with your friends and family.

So, gear up for an exciting verbal account of a road trip from Chennai to Horsley Hills and get all the information to enjoy it this weekend!

Road trip from Chennai to Horsley Hills – Basic Information:

  • Starting Point:



  • Ending Point:


    Horsley Hills

  • Distance from Chennai to Horsley Hills:


    260 KM

  • Journey time:


    approximately 6.30 hours

  • Best visit times:


    You can visit this place at any time during the year. Summers are cool and winters are a bit cold. Rainy season makes the place even more appealing to the eyes. May to June is when the summer is on peak and November to February is when the winters come for a visit. So, you can make plans to visit the region at any time of the year. Still, if you want expert advice, plan your visit during winter season or summers. Rains can inhibit you from exploring the hills and adventurous activities fully.

    Horsley Hills – How to plan a road trip?

If you want to enjoy the best road trip from Chennai to Horsley Hills, then we recommend doing so via your own vehicle or a self-drive car rental. This will allow you the freedom of taking as many stops as you want and even exploring the other nearby areas. Also, you can enjoy the road trip without having to worry about the timings of public transportation or a driver listening to your talks. 

Opt for a reliable self-drive car rental service from IndusGo and plan an awesome trip to Horsley Hills. They offer a large fleet to choose from; easy pick-up and drop-off services; affordable packages and even offers etc; and are a leading car-rental service.

Now, that we have got the basics, covered, let us find the best tourist attractions and activities the place offers.

Road trip from Chennai to Horsley Hills – Route Information:

There are two main routes that you can choose:

Route 1:

Chennai – Tirupati – Horsley Hills

Route 2 (longer):

Chennai – Kanchipuram – Chittor – Horsley Hills

You can pick any one of them as per your preferences However, if you want to save time, opt for the first one! 

Horsley Hills – Where to go when you are here?

  • Forest Environmental Complex:

The park was built by an environmentalist and has now turned into a fine ecosystem of diverse flora and fauna. From winding dirt paths surrounded by long trees reaching up in the sky to the stunning scenes that seem a tangible incarnation from the movie scenes – the park is a perfect green retreat from the urban jungles we live in. 

  • Horsley Hills Zoo:

This is yet another fantastic place to visit with your kids and family. The zoo houses many members of the animal kingdom.

  • Wind Rocks or Gali Bandalu:

Capture the scintillating beauty of the rolling hills and panorama created by greenery from the renowned rocky slope. Witness the horizon signifying the meeting of blue skies and high mountains and click some impressive photos.

  • Horsley Hills View Point:

This is one of the most prominent places to visit here and is located behind the bungalow of British Collector after whom the place is named. The hillock offers a stunning view of rolling valleys and thick forests surrounding the area. 

  • Kalyani Tree:

Hug a eucalyptus tree that has a circumference of around 4.7 meters and a height of 40 meters. The tree is a renowned tourist attraction and lure visitors from everywhere.

  • Gangotri Lake:

Enjoy the vistas of the unique forms of nature at the Gangotri Lake where a lonely tree braving the lapping waters signifies strength and tenacity. Check out the amazing scenery created by the hill standing amidst the waters and return with lovely pictures to cherish. 

  • Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary:

Enjoy roaming in the forests and witness the wildlife in all its glory at the Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. There is an elephant reserve here where you can enjoy with your kids and family or friends. 

  • Shiva Temple and Malama Temple:

Both of them have extreme religious importance in the region and are visited by lots of locals and tourists. The temples are located in a fantastic location and offer lovely panoramic views. 

If you have enough time, you can also visit the Talakona Waterfalls that are just 120 KM from Horsley Hills and enjoy lots of adventures such as mountain climbing, trekking and forest walk there.   

Horsley Hills – Adventures to explore:

You can enjoy a lot of adventures in the lap of nature, such as:

  1. Forest walks

  2. Trekking

  3. Rock Climbing

  4. ATV Rides

  5. High Rope Activities

Road trip from Chennai to Horsley Hills – Road Attractions:

Tirupati, Kanchipuram and Chittoor – all are loaded with tourist attractions and experiences and can be explored on your way to Horsley Hills from Chennai. From small scenic villages to amazing landforms and from lakes to farms and forests – the road trip offers you a holistic experience!

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