A long self-drive along the charming East Coast Road

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Feb 15, 2023
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East Coast Road Trip in a Self Drive Rental Car

Who wouldn’t love the joy of feeling the cool sea breeze against the cheeks while enjoying a nice long drive? Who would say ‘NO’ to a relaxing drive along the coast of the Bay of Bengal witnessing glimpses of the cultural and archaeological heritage of Chennai and nearby regions? 

Well, the answer to both the questions is – NO ONE!

The East Coast Road is one of the most beautiful roads in Chennai that runs along the Bay of Bengal and is a perfect place to enjoy road trips. This scenic road is so famous amongst the people that it is explored by many groups throughout the year. It runs along the coast from Chennai to Kanyakumari. Gliding past many engrossing views and lovely landscapes, passing across many cities and offering the best ever glimpses of the coastal India, the East Coast Road is a traveller’s delight. 

If you are also planning an East Coast road trip, check out the following sections for all information that will come in handy for you. Major attractions, local sightseeing and route information – we are offering all the necessary details here. If this is your first East Coast road trip, we recommend exploring a short stretch in and around Chennai and book a self-drive car rental in case you don’t have your own car. Travelling in a taxi and public transportation comes with restrictions and you are not able to enjoy long relaxing breaks which are a must on road trip. IndusGo offers a large fleet of vehicles to choose from at affordable rates and with a flexible booking process. You can also choose the car drop-off and pick-up locations as per your choice. We also offer amazing discounts on every booking and many other freebies to keep your travels pocket-friendly. 

Now that we have made the basics clear, let us move on and find out all that you should know about the East Coast road trip.   

East Coast road trip – Route Information:

The East Coast road is a two-lane highway in Tamil Nadu and offers scenic views all along the way from Chennai to Kanyakumari. The road covers all the major tourist attractions of South India. 

East Coast road attractions are (all these places also constitute the East Coast Road from Chennai to Kanyakumari):

  • Chennai

  • Mahabalipuram

  • Puducherry

  • Cuddalore

  • Chidambaram

  • Velankanni

  • Ramanathapuram

  • Rameshwaram

  • Dhanushkodi

  • Ramanathapuram

  • Thoothukudi

  • Manapad

  • Kanyakumari

So, you are in for a huge sightseeing and tourist experience if you travel along this route. All these places offer stunning places to visit and loads of landmarks to explore. 

What is so great about an East Coast road trip?

You can explore many unexplored and virgin beach areas with no pollution and no traces of human intervention. All you have to do is take small detours from the main road and catch some peaceful and quiet moments. There are an ample number of beaches, beach resorts, local seafood stalls and restaurants, camping opportunities and impressive locations to click memorable shots.

What more do you need?

So, grab your car keys and enjoy a delightful road trip on the ECR or the East Coast Road. Yes, don’t forget to tune into some 90s music and IndiPop tracks to take your experience to the next level.

Best Season for an East Coast Road Trip?

You can enjoy a road trip throughout the year as the region enjoys the typical moderate coastal climate. Monsoons can restrict the water activities and can also limit the outdoor activities. Otherwise, from October to March is the best time to plan a long road trip. 

How many days are enough?

Honestly, you need at least a week to explore the entirety of the ECR. The other modes of transportation are going to consume a lot of time and will not allow you to make the most of your East Coast road trip. So, book a self-drive car rental from IndusGo and enjoy kayaking, traditional bamboo rafting, swimming, diving, relaxing spa massages, and watching the stunning views from Dhanushkodi, Rameshwaram and enjoy lapping in the waters of Palk Strait.

 For the beginners, we recommend a short 2 to 3 days and then plan the long road trip. 

Where to stay?

East Coast road runs across small villages, major cities and everything in between. So, from homestays to ultra fancy beach resorts and shacks to beach cottages – you can find all kinds of accommodation options on the route. So, there is no dearth of accommodation and you can plan according to your budget.

What to eat?

Food is one of the biggest challenges faced when you are on a road trip. However, the ECR Road Trip allows you to enjoy all the delicious Tamil Nadu delicacies – vegetarian and non-vegetarian. From small road-side stalls and restaurants selling freshly prepared Idlis, Dosa, Vada and filter Kaapi (coffee) to restaurants offering multi-cuisine menu – you can find all kinds of options.

You can also carry some dry foods and minimal cooking equipment for enjoying meals at some picturesque location without any eatery nearby. This will allow you to enjoy your road trip in an even better manner. Hiring a self-drive car rental will allow you to carry these supplies as well. So, there is yet another plus point of booking a car rental.

The verdict:

 The East Coast Road is by far one of the best options to enjoy a nice road trip in South India. The road has also featured in many traveller blogs, listings and rankings. Many tourists also plan an itinerary with a short road trip in mind. So, if you are planning an East Coast road trip you are in for an experience of a lifetime.

We hope that the information given above is helpful for all the readers. So, now you have all the information you wanted. What are you waiting for? Book a self-drive rental from IndusGo and get-set-go!

Happy Road Tripping!

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