10 Tips for a Solo Self-drive Female Traveler

10 most important tips for a female solo traveler while on a self-drive trip. What to take care of, and what to do when you are traveling alone on a self drive trip. How to handle situations. All you need to know.

Feb 27, 2023
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10 Tips for a Solo Self-drive Female Traveler

Being a traveler sounds fancy. But often it involves uncertainty, life-altering experiences, and sometimes shocks. If you are a solo female traveler, the risks involved are even higher because the traditional view is that females are not tough enough and are easily challenging. People in general in various societies take females indeed for granted and the culture thus developed might not be very friendly and accommodating when it comes to solo female travels. Hence it is very important to know some tips in advance before you pack up your bags and leave for your journey. Especially if you are traveling in Kerala, there are a list of things you should be careful about. Read more to find out the best tips for your solo female travel here.

1.    Do Your Research

Before the commencement of your female solo travel, it is important to conduct your research. It is inevitable to peruse upon climate and other catastrophic events in advance to avoid surprises. Also, this helps to pack clothes and other important accessories accordingly. If that is not the case you will need to spend extra amounts for buying the necessities at the destination which you might already have at home. Often the shops near tourist spots will charge you more. Also, when you are preparing for a female solo trip in Kerala, it is inevitable to look at the current political atmosphere of the place to avoid distress. Social unrests occur in Kerala and often it is unpredictable in nature. Hence to avoid finding yourself in the middle of a hartal day in an unsuitable place, do your research well before setting out for your journey.  

It is also necessary for a female solo traveler to understand the norms and socially acceptable standard of dressing in Kerala. While a city like Kochi moves according to the contemporary world, there are still regions in Kerala where people will stare at you for even wearing jeans. While you might not be able to comprehend the logic of it, it still might be better to accept the reality altogether while you do solo female travel in Kerala. Also, while booking places to stay or eat always do your online research and check for ratings and comments before making a decision. Remember, your safety matters!

2.    Use Your Phone Well

In a female solo trip, your phone is your best friend. You do know that smartphones these days serve the purpose of many human beings. Your phone is your map, your messenger, your guide, and research tool in this journey. The very common apps such as Google maps, Google, Drop a pin, etc. can help you in your female solo travel beyond your expectations. On the off chance that you realize that you are nothing more than a bad memory with bearings, it might bring a feeling of solace and security for you to utilize Google Maps. Besides, there are tons of other applications which can help you in your journey.

3.    Connect Wisely on Social Media

If you are a social media person, try to control your online persona, while you are on a solo female trip. If you have a public account, and if there are tons of people following you already, it is not wise to let everybody know exactly where you are. Do share your interesting travel details only after moving from a particular spot. But, if you have a closed group of friends, letting them know about your whereabouts can help you as well. Hence, choose wisely.

4.    Travel Insurance

It might sound like an unwanted luxury to you. But, it could be a lifesaver in case of an accident or burglary.

5.    Leave Your Valuables Behind

It is common to feel your valuables safe with you. But when you are traveling and if you are exploring it is wise not to carry your valuable belongings with you.

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6.    Get a Sense of Direction

In Kerala, there are locations where Google maps don’t work. And people do use “north, south, east, and west” while talking about directions. Having a sense of direction can help you here.

7.    Avoid Ornaments

When it comes to the ladies, in general, they have an affinity for ornaments. Be that as it may, it is not wise to carry or wear ornaments in your female solo travel. Sometimes, even if the ornaments are not valuable, but if they look precious it can attract attention. While people closely observe you following the small attention you primarily gained through the ornament, it can be noted that you are alone and it could bring some troubles for you. So in order to keep a low profile without generating unwanted attention and to be safe, avoid ornaments.

8.    Use a Self-Drive Rental Car

Using a self-drive rental car is the option you can choose for your independent solo female travel. It will offer you convenience, freedom, and safety at the same time. IndusGo is the self-drive rental car facility offered by the house of Indus Motors. Being the first authorized rental car company in Kerala, IndusGO offers amazing services at affordable prices. One of the main advantages of using IndusGO is GPS tracker. In case of an emergency or if you face any safety-related issues, IndusGO will immediately help you to rectify them without much trouble. Besides, there are various alternatives and plans for you to choose from. Hence, if you are a female solo traveller dreaming about exploring Kerala on your own, IndusGO is the best option for your journey.

9.    Limit Yourself at Night

Well, in Kerala the nightlife is limited. You will not see a good population outside at night. Yes, it is okay to explore the night in your own terms. But make sure to be safe.

10.    Trust Your Instincts

Be aware of the potential for dangers and avoid any activity or places that give negativity to you. Your instincts do not lie. Depend on them completely.

Traveling alone is an unwinding experience. Once in a while, we all should do that. The tips offered above will help you to a certain extent to travel, enjoy and be safe at the same time. Do not limit yourself. Travel and see the world. Adios!

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