Family-Friendly Activities in Bangalore: Fun for All Ages

Planning kids friendly places to visit in Bangalore on weekends? Discover the 10 best things to do in Bangalore with family. Explore a day out in Bangalore & enjoy Bangalore sightseeing!

Sep 16, 2023
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Family-Friendly Activities in Bangalore: Fun for All Ages

Family-Friendly Activities in Bangalore: Discover the Best of Bengaluru for an Unforgettable Family Adventure

Are you searching for enjoyable things to do in Bangalore that are suitable for the entire family? Well, your search ends here. Bangalore, the dynamic capital city of Karnataka, offers many family-oriented attractions that accommodate people of all ages. Bangalore presents many options for an unforgettable family adventure, ranging from engaging museums and exhilarating amusement parks to serene parks and enriching cultural experiences

Here Are The 10 Best Things To Do in Bangalore With Friends & Family 

Wonderla: Thrilling Rides and Water Fun

On Mysore Road, Wonderla in Bengaluru is a haven for those who love adrenaline-pumping experiences and enjoy aquatic adventures. The amusement park provides an exhilarating adventure through its diverse selection of adrenaline-inducing rides and exhilarating water attractions. 

Wonderla offers a wide array of attractions, ranging from thrilling roller coasters and adventurous rides to relaxingly serene lazy rivers and refreshing wave pools, ensuring a relevant experience for every individual. 

Cubbon Park: A Tranquil Retreat in the Heart of the City 

Also known as Sri Chamarajendra Park, Cubbon Park is an idyllic retreat in the bustling city of Bengaluru that provides a tranquil haven for those seeking respite. With its abundant greenery, this expansive park provides a serene escape ideal for both nature enthusiasts and families. 

Cubbon Park offers an ideal environment for relaxed strolls, picnicking, and outdoor pursuits thanks to its meticulously groomed lawns, flourishing floral arrangements, and refreshing tree canopies. Furthermore, it contains a multitude of architectural masterpieces and cultural institutions, contributing to its allure. 

Bangalore Palace: Unleashing the Royalty Within

The magnificently built Bangalore Palace is a popular spot in the center of Bangalore for sightseeing and transports you to a bygone era, awakening the royal essence that lies within. This lavish palace displays magnificent artwork, intricate carvings, and stunning woodwork influenced by the architectural style of Windsor Castle. 

Discover the majestic corridors, luxurious dance halls, and vast gardens that radiate magnificence and sophistication. Bangalore Palace presents an opportunity for visitors to delve into its prosperous past through informative guided tours. 

Innovative Film City: Where Imagination Meets Entertainment

The Innovative Film City in Bengaluru is a delightful destination for a day out in Bangalore, where creative ideas collide with enjoyable amusement. This extensive facility provides various entertainment options that appeal to movie lovers, thrill-seekers, and families alike. 

Innovative Film City offers a vibrant blend of Bollywood-inspired environments, exciting attractions, engaging displays, and captivating live shows, providing a truly immersive experience filled with creativity and enjoyment. Set off on a captivating movie experience, engage in thrilling escapades, and savor delectable culinary choices. 

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium: Discovering the Mysteries of the Universe

Enter the Bengaluru-based Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium and prepare to embark on a mesmerizing exploration of the enigmatic complexities inherent in the cosmos. This famous landmark provides an engaging experience with its cutting-edge planetarium dome and interactive displays. Discover the fascinating realm of celestial bodies, space exploration, and the awe-inspiring realm of astronomy through captivating shows and informative, educational programs. 

Bannerghatta Biological Park: A Wildlife Adventure for the Whole Family

J Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bengaluru offers an enthralling wildlife experience and is one of the fun things to do in Bangalore that guarantees an exhilarating escapade for all family members. This park, covering a large area, houses various plants and animals, such as impressive lions, elegant tigers, lively elephants, and vibrant birds. 

Guests can participate in adventurous safaris, discover the butterfly park, or learn about conservation initiatives at the rescue center. The J Bannerghatta Biological Park offers a unique combination of educational and entertaining experiences that leave a lasting impression on visitors of all ages, providing a remarkable wildlife encounter.

Fun World: A Carnival of Excitement and Games

Prepare yourself for a thrilling event full of excitement and amusement as Fun World in Bengaluru is gearing up to host a captivating carnival with various entertaining games. This amusement park caters to people of all ages seeking excitement and enjoyment. Fun World provides endless entertainment with diverse thrilling rides, exhilarating water slides, and exciting games. A wide array of attractions suit all preferences, ranging from exhilarating roller coasters to invigorating water pools. 

Lalbagh Botanical Garden: A Botanical Haven for Nature Enthusiasts 

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bengaluru is one of the unique places to visit in Bangalore for those who appreciate nature, providing a peaceful sanctuary amidst the busy city. Vast expanses of green space characterize this botanical garden and showcase an impressive assortment of unique plants, colorful flowers, and majestic trees. Visitors can leisurely walk through the carefully tended pathways, appreciate the stunning natural surroundings, and enjoy the sight of nature's dynamic growth.

Snow City: Experiencing Winter Magic in Bangalore

Get relief from the hot weather of Bengaluru as you enter an enchanting winter paradise in Snow City. This extraordinary attraction provides a captivating opportunity to indulge in winter's enchanting ambiance right in the city's center. Experience the sensation of coldness as you step into the snowy space, where you can create snow figures, participate in playful snowball battles, and glide down snowy hills. Snow City offers an ideal getaway for families and friends to relish the excitement of snow and participate in winter pastimes.

National Gallery of Modern Art: Inspiring Creativity and Art Appreciation

The National Gallery of Modern Art in Bengaluru serves as a sanctuary for those passionate about art, igniting imagination and cultivating a deep understanding and love for artistic expression. This respected gallery presents an impressive assortment of contemporary and modern art pieces, such as paintings, sculptures, and installations created by distinguished Indian and international artists. 

Visitors can fully engage themselves in the realm of art, discovering a wide range of artistic styles and movements. The gallery also offers opportunities for artists and those who love art to connect and participate through exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs.


To conclude, there are several things to do in Bangalore which provide an unbeatable adventure for individuals of all ages, thanks to its wide range of things. There is a wide range of attractions available for every family's preferences, including exciting amusement parks, peaceful botanical gardens, and significant cultural landmarks. Discover the finest offerings of Bengaluru and forge unforgettable experiences with your dear ones as you embark on an exciting and enriching family escapade in this lively metropolis.

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