Kerala Monsoon Tourism: Places to Visit in Kerala During Monsoon

Experience the magic of monsoon in Kerala with our Kerala monsoon tourism guide to the top places to visit in Kerala during monsoon. Explore lush landscapes and enjoy the serene beauty!

Sep 16, 2023
5 mins read

Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Kerala in Monsoon

Kerala in Monsoon: A Guide to the Land of Backwaters and Hill Stations

During the monsoon season, Kerala, called "God's Own Country," transforms into a verdant and picturesque haven. The lush green foliage brings life to the backwaters, while the hill stations present breathtaking misty views. 

Discover the enchantment of Alleppey's refreshing canals after rainfall, the mesmerizing Munnar waterfalls, and Wayanad's tranquil landscapes. Experience the allure of Kerala during the rainy season as you discover its captivating splendor and immerse yourself in its great cultural legacy.

Lush Green Landscapes

During Kerala's monsoon period, the scenery undergoes a splendid transformation, turning into vivid green oases. The rain breathes new life into the forests, tea gardens, and plantations, covering them in a vivid spectrum of green colors. The backwaters and rivers teem with vibrant life, providing stunning views. 

The ethereal hill destinations such as Munnar and Wayanad hold an additional allure as waterfalls gracefully flow through the vibrant greenery. Discover the enchanting allure of Kerala's verdant landscapes during the monsoon season for an incredibly captivating adventure.

Refreshing Rainfall

During the monsoon season in Kerala, the land receives a rejuvenating rainfall that gently drenches the surroundings. The melodious sound of raindrops on the vibrant green scenery revives the environment. The temperature drops, creating a refreshing and pleasant relief from the hot weather. The scent of damp soil permeates the air, heightening the overall sensory immersion. Embrace Kerala's monsoon season for a calming and invigorating getaway enhanced by the peaceful and revitalizing rainfall. 

Misty Hill Stations

During monsoon season, the hill stations of Kerala are transformed into an enchanting and otherworldly landscape, veiled in a mystical fog. Locations such as Munnar, Wayanad, and Ponmudi provide an enchanting atmosphere with their mist-engulfed hills, flowing waterfalls, and rain-kissed tea gardens and are some of the best places to visit in Kerala during monsoon

The tranquil atmosphere and pleasant weather create the perfect opportunity for couples to relax together, explore picturesque paths, and fully enjoy the captivating charm of mist-covered hill stations in Kerala.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Ayurvedic rejuvenation experiences its highest point in the monsoon season. Traditional Ayurvedic treatments are more effective in humid weather as they help cleanse and rejuvenate the body and mind. This season's wealth of medicinal plants and herbs presents an excellent chance to utilize therapies such as Panchakarma. 

Experience the tranquil monsoon ambiance of Kerala while immersing yourself in rejuvenating massages, herbal baths, and detoxification therapies that will allow you to attain the holistic healing benefits of Ayurveda.

Enchanting Waterfalls

Experience Kerala’s monsoon beauty, where the waterfalls become vibrant and enchanting, offering a captivating spectacle for tourists. The copious rain increases the water flow, turning the waterfalls into stunning sights. Discover the captivating waterfalls waiting to be explored, namely Athirapally Falls, Meenmutty Falls, and Soochipara Falls. 

The mesmerizing atmosphere created by the sound of rushing water and misty surroundings makes it the perfect moment to witness the incredible beauty and strength of these magnificent waterfalls in Kerala.

Backwater Cruises in the Rain

Taking a backwater cruise in Kerala during the rainy season provides a particularly beautiful and distinct encounter. The backwaters, soaked by the rain, acquire a distinctive allure as the serene waters mirror the abundant foliage surrounding them. 

Experience the tranquil atmosphere while drifting in a houseboat, observing the rhythmic sounds of raindrops. Experience the serenity, indulge in delectable regional dishes, and forge enduring memories of cruising through Kerala's rain-drenched backwaters.

Monsoon Wildlife Adventures 

Kerala during monsoon season offers exciting opportunities to explore wildlife amid rain-soaked scenery. The vibrant plant and animal life in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala such as Periyar and Wayanad creates a vibrant and lively atmosphere. 

Witness the splendor of magnificent elephants, rare tigers, and diverse avian species amid luxuriant foliage. Experience the adventure of exploring misty forests, taking exhilarating jeep safaris, and witnessing the excitement of encountering wildlife in their natural environment during Kerala's monsoon season.

Charming Tea Plantations

The tea plantations of Kerala become very attractive and appealing during the monsoon season. The continuous rain feeds the tea plants, leading to vast expanses of vibrant green landscapes that stretch endlessly. The misty hills and the scent of newly made tea combine to produce an enchanting atmosphere. 

Experience the beautiful tea plantations of Munnar and Wayanad, get acquainted with the art of tea production, and savor a comforting cup of tea amidst the enchanting tea estates of Kerala during the rainy season.

Monsoon Festivals and Cultural Events

The monsoon season in Kerala offers more than just scenic beauty; it also brings a lively atmosphere with various festivals and cultural events. The renowned Nehru Trophy Boat Race occurs on the enchanting backwaters of Alleppey as elegantly adorned snake boats compete in a thrilling race. 

The grand processions and traditional arts are displayed during the Thrissur Pooram festival, while the Onam festival is known for its elaborate feasts and cultural performances. Explore the vibrant cultural legacy and joyous atmosphere of Kerala amidst the rainy season, forging unforgettable moments.

Serene Beaches in the Rain

The beaches of Kerala transform into a peaceful and calming haven in the monsoon season. The tranquil shores, touched by raindrops, feature calm waves and secluded expanses of sand, providing a serene sanctuary. 

Experience the refreshing caress of the gentle wind and enjoy the soothing melody of the raindrops while leisurely walking on the sandy shore. Cherai Beach, Kozhikode Beach, and Bekal Beach are beautiful coastal spots where you can witness the tranquil allure of Kerala's beaches during the rainy season. 


To sum up, visiting Kerala in the monsoon can be an alluring opportunity to encounter a truly remarkable and magical journey. During the rainy season, Kerala presents its enchanting beauty through mist-covered hill stations, verdant landscapes, tranquil beaches, and vibrant cultural festivals. Experience the serenity, immerse yourself in revitalizing Ayurvedic treatments, and discover the alluring sights that make Kerala an enchanting place to visit during the rainy season. 


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