Places to Visit Near Cochin Airport

If you are visiting Kochi, there are some really fun places near the airport. You can rent a car and visit them to make your trip more memorable.

Feb 07, 2023
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Places to Visit Near Kochi (Cochin) Airport

Places to Visit Near Kochi (Cochin) Airport

When visiting Kochi (Cochin) Airport in Kerala, India, there are several captivating destinations nearby that are worth exploring. Whether you have a layover or a few extra hours before your flight, these nearby attractions offer a taste of Kerala's rich culture, history, and natural beauty. From historical neighborhoods to tranquil beaches and lush backwaters, here are some enticing places to visit near Kochi Airport.

Tourist Places to Visit Near Cochin Airport

Kochi is a place where every heart throbs to visit at least once in their life. Its unique and diverse multicultural scenario is the driving force for every tourist.

Now let us see some of the best places to visit near Cochin Airport


Kalady is considered as the knowledge city since it is the abode of great saint Adishankara who climbed the pedestal of knowledge. Kalady located near the Periyar River is one of the best places to visit near Cochin airport. Located 7km away from Kochi airport, it is one of the best pilgrimage spots. The Sringeri Mutt in Kalady is a calm abode where the reverberating Sanskrit Mantras will cleanse your mind. Then there is a Keerti Stambham in the heart of the city, where you will find the pictorial representation of Adi Shankara's life. If you travel about 8 km from Kalady you will reach Malayattur, a pilgrimage place of Christians. Kalady is really a sacred circuit.


The place Kodanad, which is about 17km from Kochi airport and also near to Kalady, is famous for its Elephant training Centre. The place is situated near Perumbavoor. Kodanad is also famous for its scenic beauty as it is a beautiful rural riverside village and popular day picnic spot. 



Paniyeli Poru Waterfalls is a beautiful place where you can see the river Periyar flowing through the rocks between dense forests. The green hillocks and calmness of the place will definitely give the tourist moments of tranquillity away from the rushing crowd of daily life. Mid-November to May is the best time to visit here. The distance between Cochin airport and  Paniyeli Poru is about 34km via Main central road.



Malayattor is a meeting place of mountains, rivers, and land. It is believed that St.Thomas, the apostle of Jesus Christ visited this place in AD 52 and founded the famous church which is situated here. People without any discrimination based on caste and creed visit this place by climbing the hard mountain as they believe in the miracle of this sanctum sanctorum. Even though this place is only 15km away to visit from Kochi airport, you will have to rent a cab since there are no bus routes between these two points. 



A visit to the largest waterfall in Kerala cannot be missed if you are in Kochi. It's a place to visit which is situated about 55 km away from Cochin International Airport. Daily Jungle Safari to this beautiful forest area, is being carried out in Athirapally. The place offers one of the best sights to the eye of a tourist. There are other  Vazhachal waterfalls near Athirapally. 


Bhoothathankettu is a dam and reserve forest located close to Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekad. The place is about 10km away from Kothamangalam and 42 km apart from Kochi airport. Known and chased for its mythical history, the place really has a gothic element. This is a serene place, and the prevalent calmness has a mysterious element within its name. The journey through the virgin forest will give you everlasting memories to cherish.



The waves of Cherai are close to the heart of every beach lover. The beach is located on the northern side of Vypin Island. Also, this is one of the least crowded places to visit near Cochin International Airport, which is about 20km away. Cherai is very friendly to the tourists; seafood restaurants, resorts, and elephants on the backwaters make you feel that the place is one of the splendid miracles of nature. Here you can view the famous Chinese fishing net.



Marine Drive, a promenade in the heart of Kochi, almost 35km from Kochi airport that is built facing the backwaters, is one of the popular places for a hangout for all. If you are planning to make your evenings well-spent, just take a tour through the buzzing Marine drive, which is popular for its Rainbow Bridge, Chinese fishing net bridge, and Kettuvallam bridge. It is one of the vibrant places in Kochi.



The glory of the past lies here. The courtyard of Hill Palace will always remain in the hearts of the 90’s kids who have seen the famous Malayalam movie Manichitrathazu. The place will give you a nostalgic feeling. Hill Palace unravels the historic Durbar stories of the Cochin Royal family. If you are a person who is interested in exploring the cultural front of Cochin, then you must visit the Hill Palace Museum, which is located near the temple Town, Thripunithura and 32km away from Cochin airport. Also, it is considered as the largest archaeological museum in Kerala. The museum displays crown, ornaments, and some royal paintings of erstwhile Cochin Royal family.


Paliam palace is the abode of Prime Ministers of Cochin Maharaja located in Chendamangalam, 21 km distance from Cochin airport. So if you want to know the secrecy of Cochin Maharaja, you first go to Paliam palace, which is a glorious Nalukettu, which still reverberates the proud valour of the Paliat Achan (the oldest male member of the family). The palace museum exhibits the historic records, letters of the Paliam family, and important events that took place in the palace. The palace is known for its hybrid architectural blend of Kerala and Dutch style.

Kochi is one of the busiest cities and sometimes you might find yourselves in a situation where you would want to travel around the city but no idea where to begin. If you are near cochin airport, you may look into the above-mentioned places to visit near Kochi airport. Kochi is a place that is rich for its cultural heritage and can be travelled with the pace of time without losing its nostalgic and glorious past. 


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