A Memorable Road Trip With Indus Go

Indus GO joined the pan-India road-tripping community called The Road Trips Co for a Heritage road trip to Palakkad from Kochi. Drive through the scenic countryside of Palakkad and enjoy the beautiful views of the lush green paddy fields and the majestic Western Ghats.

Feb 07, 2023
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A Memorable Road Trip With Indus Go

Road trips to strange and known places give us equal fulfilment as it opens up new vistas and horizons of diverse experience.

Earlier this month, Indus GO joined the pan-India road-tripping community called The Road Trips Co for a Heritage road trip to Palakkad from Kochi. And needless to day, the trip had many impeccable sights to offer. 

The Road Trips Co (RTC) is a pan-India community to discover new places, meet new people and indulge in unique experiences through road trips. RTC members travel together in a convoy which has cars and bikes and their trips are for everyone - families, individuals, couples, friends, and even pet owners! The marked idea behind this is unity and togetherness through travel.

Titled "Heritage Sprint", this road trip organized by the RTC Kochi Chapter took the roads to rural Palakkad to experience and discover some of its timeless heritage and beauty. Something that can only be witnessed at its best during the monsoons.

Once the convoy of 8 cars caught up together at the meeting point in Kochi, it was a long drive along the highway to Vadakkenchery. The first stop was the Thrippalur Maha Shiva Temple. Situated at the banks of the Gayathripuzha River, one of the main tributaries of Bharathapuzha. Here the members witnessed a short rendition of Sopana Sangeetham.

With the rains pouring in and adding a wonderful visual treat to the scenery, Palakkad was blooming in green. The convoy lined up again to visit a heritage home in Alathur that is now converted into a homestay. Members got to divulge in an open-air breakfast that was arranged here and everyone got to taste local fares like Kozhukotta, ela ada, and pure toddy. Situated at the centre of paddy fields, the location was a picture-perfect setting and a great start to the day. The participants got first-hand information regarding the various types of rice that are grown in these parts of Palakkad.

From here it was a long drive to the foothills of Nelliampathy near the Seetharkund foothills. A great place for families and also with the surrounding views of the open land, mango trees and the majestic hills with waterfalls trickling down them.


 Next on the list was a visit to a  Naalukettu Tharavad in Koduvayur where a nice vegetarian ela sadhya was arranged for the members. Members got to interact with the current family members  at the tharavad and also take a closer look at the lifestyle of the people living here. Lunch was followed by an exclusive folk dance performance of the region called, Kaniyar Kali. A special ritual performed in temples in the region during the festival of Vishu. With the rhythmic movements and music of the folk performance, everyone was buzzed and elated, to say the least.


 Back in the convoy, the members drove through the Koduvayur Keralapuram Agraharam, a Tamil brahmin settlement of peculiar row houses. This was followed by a long winding drive across the paddy fields and towards the hills in Kizhakkencheri. The route leads to a lesser-known waterfall called Allingal Waterfalls situated by the Mangalam Dam Reservoir. A dip in the water and it was the end of the wonderful road trip.

With the day coming to a close, the convoy departed back to Kochi but left with memories of a wonderful day spent exploring the heritage of Palakkad.Moreover everyone had cherished the trip which they exposed during their drive. Because it was rare chance for all of them to be a part of thrilling travel. Really they all are looking forward to the next Road Trip.

Visit :  http://www.roadtrippersclub.com/



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