A Complete Travel Guide to Visit Munnar

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Munnar - Best times to Visit, A Complete Travel Guide


The city of Munnar is located in Idukki district and it is located at an altitude of 6000 feet. If you are a local resident of Kerala and live near Munnar, then you can either come here for a picnic by rent a car from Kochi or from adjacent cities . If you are not a local citizen, then you can come to see the various tourist spots of Munnar. It is said that Munnar is worth a visit almost all around the year. 

Best Time to Visit Munnar 

However, it is better not to go during the monsoons, that is, in between June to August. Although, you will be able to see some of the places, most of the areas, especially the hill stations will remain closed or blocked. Other than this, you can opt to visit Munnar either in summer or winter. If you have small children with you, then it is better to take them in the summers as the winters can be very cold for them to tolerate.

You will get hotels from moderate tariff to expensive suites, catering to the various needs of the customers. This place contains a lot of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, waterfalls and what not. Let us take a look at the main tourist spots of Munnar.


1. Eravikulam National Park



This is the closest place to Munnar. It takes almost half an hour to reach this national park. If you have reached Munnar early in the morning, say 10 am, then you can go to this place after taking a short nap. The park opens as early as at 7:30 am. The fee for adults is Rs.120 per head and for children it is Rs.90 per head. If you take a camera with you, then there will be additional charges for that. If you think of coming to Munnar in the winters, then you will have to avoid the time period between February and March as the national park is closed during that time. You will be able to see a variety of plants(especially medicinal plants), birds, reptiles etc. in this park. There is one more thing to see within the national park and that is the Anamudi peak. There are some rules and regulations regarding letting the visitors see this peak. You must check with the authorities of the National Park regarding the rules to be able to view this peak.


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2. Mattupetty Dam



Your next stop could Mattupetty dam which is a half an hour drive from Ervikulam National Park. However, if you have reached Munnar after 9 am and your first destination was Eravikulam National Park, then you will not be able to see this dam or take a boat ride before 2 pm. This is because the visitor hours for this dam is in between 9 am to 11 am. After that it again opens at 2 pm. Therefore, one suggestion to those who want to travel around Munnar, the day they reach this place is that first visit Mattupetty Dam and then Eravikulam National Park if you reach here after 9 am. If not and you reach Munnar by say 7 am, then the sequence mentioned above will be fine for you.

3. Pallivasal


After you take a boat ride near the Mattupetty dam, you will feel hungry, and so you can grab your lunch in a nearby restaurant. After that, you can take a car to the hydro-electric project of Pallivasal, which is a half an hour drive from Mattupetty Dam. People generally come to this place to have a look at the vegetation and the captivating scenic beauty. This place got the first hydro-electric project of Kerala. You can see the power plants over here.

4. Chittirapuram


After Pallivasal, you can next take a one hour drive to Chittirapuram. This is also famous for its scenic beauty. Some tourists prefer to stay at a cottage or a resort in Chittirapuram and start sightseeing from here. You can do the same, but then you have to take a bus from Munnar to Chittirapuram and start sightseeing the next day. You can enjoy the local beauty around. You can either choose to get down and look around for a few minutes. You can also take a drive around in your car and then straight go to the next location, which is Devikulam. This will save a great amount of time.


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5. Devikulam


Devikulam is believed to be a holy place, where goddess Sita took a bath. People come here to watch the springs and also the tea and coffee plantations. These vast plantations are so beautiful, that one can gaze at them all day long and yet not have enough of it.

The very next day can be kept for all the waterfalls in Munnar. Munnar has quite a few picturesque waterfalls, namely, Lakkam, Attukal, Nayamakad, Cheeyappara, Kuthumkal, etc. The taken to drive from Lakkam to Cheeyappara waterfalls is about 2 hours in a car. The time to reach from Cheeyappara waterfalls to Kuthumkal is 1.5 hours in a car, which is also the time taken to drive from Kuthumkal to Nayamakad waterfalls. Therefore, if you can spend 20-30 minutes near each of these waterfalls, you may cover all of them in a single day.

6. Dreamland Fun and Adventure Park


If you have come to Munnar with your children, then you should keep one whole day for this fun and adventure destination. The fee for entering is moderate and this park includes many adventure sports. There is a jungle safari, where you can get to see a lot of animals and flora. You will be able to see theater in 12D. This is very enjoyable for the children. There are few fun rides for the children. Dreamland Fun and Adventure Park is closed on Sundays.

You can stay one more day in Munnar and rejuvenate yourself in any Ayurveda spa. You will get various Ayurvedic massages that will clean the toxins from your body and revitalize your body for further enjoyment. In the evening you can go out for some shopping. On the next day, you can start early in the morning for coming back to home.