Tips For Drivers new to the Roads of Kerala

Are you a new visitor to kerala? here are some tips that can be useful for driving in Kerala for the first time visitors. Read on to know the tips and tactics for drivers new to the roads of Kerala.

Feb 10, 2023
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Tips for New Drivers to Kerala

If you want to drive cars on the road of Kerala, then you need to know the traffic rules, the times for one ways, the time taken to reach the destination by different routes and a lot more things. If you are a resident of Kerala, then you already know many of these things. However, if you belong to some other state and will be going rent a car in Kerala, then you will have to know the rules to avoid getting warnings from the traffic police. Here are a few tips to help the drivers who have recently come to Kerala from some other state and will be driving cars in this state.

7 Helpful Tips For Drivers New to Kerala Roads

Assist a Driver on a Road Trip

If you are new to this state, then you obviously don’t know many or all routes to the various places in the state. Therefore, it is quite unlikely that you will be able to drive smoothly from one location to other location. Being a driver yourself, you must be knowing, how important it is to drive through shortcuts. You will also know how hazardous can it be for a driver to drive into a one way from the wrong direction. Being new in driving in this state is no excuse that you can state to the officers. You will be fined and given a warning. Therefore, instead of jumping into such hassles without a deeper knowledge about it, it is better to hire a driver who has better knowledge of the roads of Kerala. If you are good at driving in your own state or city, it is expected that you will pick up the information quite quickly and within a month you will be able to drive on your own.

Keep a Map While Driving

Road maps of Kerala can be found at any stationary and book shop in Kerala. You should buy one. While you will sit beside the driver and follow the routes he is taking, keep the road map with you and identify those areas where you are going. Always keep the road map for reference while you are driving the car. If you don’t take driver with you, then the road map will be even more helpful for you. Slowly, you will be familiar with all the roads and shortcuts.

Take a Ride

When you are a new driver in Kerala, you will obviously feel hesitant in driving a long distance. However, in order to be familiar with the roads, you should take both long and short rides everyday. This will boost your confidence and reduce your fear. Take the road map with you and head for a different destination everyday. Check how much time you are taking to reach the destination and come back. If you have covered most of the routes, then try the same destination with a different route. Again check the time taken. This will increase your knowledge about the different roads of Kerala and also build your courage to go to unknown routes outside the city. 

Know the Traffic Situations

The traffic conditions of different roads will be different. You will get this information from other drivers in Kerala. They can guide you about the roads that are in a better condition, which roads have high traffic at a certain time of the day, which roads are more or less free of traffic jams all day long, etc. If you travel in a car for a month with a professional driver of Kerala, you will know all these from him only. Based on the traffic conditions, you can get an idea of the time that will be required to reach a certain place.

Ask the Traffic Police

On the road, while driving if you face any trouble, you should try to contact the nearest traffic police. He will guide you regarding the routes to be taken or any alternative route to which you have taken. Let’s say, on a particular day, there is a political rally or a big procession to be conducted on the road. This will change your route plan totally. At that time, most of the roads may remain closed. However, alternative unconventional routes are opened and people can take the help of those roads to reach their destinations. The only people who can guide you about those new routes are the traffic sergeants. Therefore, if you are facing any trouble to select the next road, feel free to ask the traffic police officers.  

Use GPS Systems While Driving

Always hire a self-drive car that has an advanced gps system. If you own a car in Kerala, then install gps system in your car. GPS or global positioning system help you find the shortest routes automatically while driving. However, in order to understand, what is being said in the gps system, you must know the roads of Kerala thoroughly. In order to do that, you must practice driving using a road map. Otherwise, you will not understand the direction being suggested by the gps system.

Keep Patience

You need to be very patient while driving. Sometimes you may experience huge traffic in some routes and you might not be able to figure out any alternative way from where you are stuck. In that case, you have to be patient and wait for the traffic to get cleared up. You can think of avoiding those routes, the next time you are driving.

However, in the initial phase of your driving in Kerala, you should be very patient and try not to overtake and break traffic rules.The above tips will hopefully make your journey smoother in Kerala. If you don’t own a car, you can rent cars from various car rental companies in Kerala.

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