Four Useful Tips For Winter Driving

Stay Safe On The Roads This Winter: 4 Essential Tips For Winter Driving From IndusGo!

Feb 09, 2023
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Useful Tips For Winter Driving

If you own a car and you belong to a state where winters are quite chilly, then you must know the hassles of winter driving. You must have experienced the chills while driving at night and the have exerted tremendous pressure to get the wheels of your car out of the snow. Places like Kulu, Manali, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, etc. remain snow clad in the winters. That is why; such places are avoided by the tourists in the winter. 

However, if you are born and brought up in those places where winters are pretty dominant, then you cannot help but struggle through the winters. Many people who own private cars, have said that driving cars during the winters become really very difficult and there are few very good reasons for that. Let us discuss four useful winter driving tips along with the reasons and solutions for driving cars in the winter. 

Four Reasons And Solutions For Winter Driving Difficulties

1. Reason-The temperatures are cold and especially can be freezing at night time. There are some places like Jaisalmer, where you will be surprised that when you are driving in the daytime and that too in an open hood car, you may get sunburns. However, at night time, your lips can freeze, as it can be chilling.

Solution-The best solution to this problem is to keep plenty of warm clothing along with you. Don’t forget to keep monkey caps along with you. A lot of people forget to carry that and end up driving back home with cracked and chapped noses and lips. Always keep those monkey caps that allow covering the head and nose properly. Don’t cover your eyes though, as that way you will not be able to drive at all.Also ReadBest Trips on a Self Drive Car in Kerala During Christmas Season   

2. Reason-As earlier mentioned, the roads of most states where winter is predominant, are snow-clad. Therefore, rash driving may be fatal for car drivers in the winter. Sometimes, people who belong to states with summer as the dominating season come to drive in winter dominant state for one or two months. However, they cannot adjust the new driving style and end up horribly stuck in the snow.

Solutions-There are two solutions to this. Firstly, it is better to be a slow driver in the winters. If you rush through snow-clad hillocks or roads, you may end up into two dangerous situations, one is that your wheels can go deep into the snow and secondly, the wheels of your car can skid. The second event could be fatal for the drivers. Therefore, it is better to drive slow and be safe. Along with this, you may need to change the tires of your car. If you are born and brought in a state where snowfall occurs half the year, then you must be familiar with winter tires. 

However, the drivers who have come to drive for a few months in a snow-capped state, might not be familiar with this. These tires may appear a tad bit costlier than normal tires. These tires are equipped with the functionality to drive through the snow smoothly. Therefore, you will not have to worry too much about the wheels of your car getting stuck in the snow. However, driving slowly is the extra amount of precaution that you will require.Also Read: Places to Visit During Summer Vacation in Kerala

3. Reason-Most of the hotels and restaurants or even small shops remain closed during heavy snowfall. You may have to drive to some place in the chilly winters and amongst snowfall. If you don’t have proper food with you, you will not be able to drive properly.

Solution-You should keep an ample amount of food supply with you. Eating frequently in such heavy winters makes the body much more agile and removes any numbness. Too much cold and lesser amount of food for the body can be very harmful. Also, make sure that you keep an ample amount of hot liquid with you. You can keep soups in your hot pot or hot water in thermos flasks. This will help you keep your throat clear while driving and retain moisture within your body. The air within the car becomes devoid of moisture in the winters very quickly. Drinking plenty of fluids will replenish the moisture in your body.

4. Reason-The exhaust pipes get clogged with snow. This results in blocking of the carbon monoxide.

Solution-You need to check the exhaust pipe from time to time. If you are driving on a snowy road, then right after you enter a clear road free from snow, check your exhaust pipe. You may stop your car once or twice while driving on the snow and check the exhaust pipe. Clean it as soon as you see that snow is getting deposited in the pipe. If you don’t do so, then soon the pipe will get choked completely and the carbon monoxide will have no place to get out. This could be fatal for you or your co-passenger.


Winter driving can be hazardous if you don’t take the necessary precautions. By following the tips mentioned above from IndusGo, you can make sure your winter drive is safe and enjoyable.

For those looking for a safe and reliable way to get around this winter, IndusGo offers a wide selection of cars to suit every budget and requirement. So, rent a car from IndusGo and enjoy a stress-free and safe road trip this winter!


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