Best trips in Kerala During Christmas Season

Plan your Christmas Trip in Kerala! Here is the Article about the places to clebrate christmas in Kerala, how to plan and other important details.

Jan 13, 2023
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Christmas in Kerala &Places to Explore 

Kerala, or “God’s Own Country,” as it is popularly called, is unique in its natural beauty and glorious local life. The people in Kerala are warm-hearted and full of love; hence Keralites celebrate Christmas in the best way across India. During Christmas, Kerala celebrates universal love and brotherhood with a lot of happiness and merrymaking. 

Just like Onam, Christmas in Kerala is something worth experiencing. Not only Christians but even non-Christian brothers enjoy the spirit of Christmas here and take part in the festivities that soak up the state during this time. The air whiffs of Christmas cakes, cookies, and lovely decorations light up the streets. 

If you plan to visit Kerala during the Christmas season, then this guide is all you need. Christmas trips in Kerala are an absolute delight! We are covering up all the iconic places that celebrate Christmas, not like a festival but like a celebration of life. Read ahead to find out! 

How to Plan a trip to Kerala during Christmas? 

If you plan a trip to Kerala during Christmas and New Year, then you are surely in for a great time. The positive atmosphere in Kerala marks new beginnings and happy times. Many special Christmas packages for traveling to Kerala come with attractive travel benefits. You can plan things and list all the places you will visit, so there is no hustle of last-minute decision-making.  

Also, hire a rental car to explore the local places as it is the most convenient option. You can travel even at night if you have your car and explore the local Christmas in its true essence in Kerala. IndusGo can be your perfect travel partner when hiring rental cars.  

Here is a complete list of the best trips to take around Christmas in Kerala. You will surely love the vibes and everything about these places and their way of celebrating love and brotherhood. Let’s explore Christmas in Kerala.  

1. Kochi’s Christmas Celebrations 

The best trip to take around Christmas in Kerala is to go to Kochi. Kochi is one of the best places where you could either fly down or drive down to celebrate Christmas because this place has a charm in itself. This is one of the most revered districts of Kerala and has a lot of churches which would be lit up and decorated for Christmas. 

You can also come across several packages during the Christmas season and can travel around this place and explore some of the authentic cuisines of the place. To add more to the celebrations, you may attend the Kochi Muziris Biennale and Cochin Carnival because these are the annual events and one of the grandest affairs conducted here. Traveling  with your friends or family can make your festivity a grand one when you are here in Kochi. Driving through the streets of Fort Kochi during this time of spree itself will be a great treat. Indus Go gives you an ideal option for rent a car in Kochi

 2. Beach Carnivals in Kovalam

Kovalam is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Kerala. Apart from Kochi, you can also rent a car from IndusGo at Kovalam. There are some exciting packages available for Kovalam, too ,and when you are here, you get to witness and become part of some of the best beach carnivals, which can make your festival all the more special. Kovalam is one of those places known for its pristine beaches, and during Christmas, you need to get a break because its holiday season and setting yourself on the shores of a quaint beach can be rejuvenating. You can have best trip in Kerala during Christmas season.

3. Kollam’s Traditional Christmas Celebrations

You can even visit Kovalam and drive directly to Kollam. Well, fishing being one of the major trades here, the elders in the family introduce the youngsters to the Sea respectfully and this interesting tradition can make your Christmas celebrations different too.This has been followed for ages and the entire city of Kollam would be decorated vibrantly to welcome Christmas. Additionally, visiting the numerous Churches in Kollam can be an exciting trip in Kerala during Christmas.Every part of Kerala celebrates Kerala differently; hence, choosing a destination there can be quite tricky. However, wherever you go,you are certain to enjoy the ambiance, the decorative, the bona fide cuisines and the tradition and customs. Kollam is a fabulous place to visit in Kerala during Christmas.


Kerala is a charming destination that can mesmerize anyone, and celebrating Christmas here can leave you with unforgettable memories forever.  You can have the best Christmas trips in Kerala. Kerala is well-connected to all the major cities through buses, flights and trains, yet the pleasure of self-drive is unique as it opens options for you to explore your adventurous side. No matter where you come from, don’t miss the thrill of self-driving trips.  Log on to  and rent out a car now

Plan your Christmas trips in Kerala and learn what brotherhood and fresh beginnings can do to your life. It will be worth your time, and you'll never forget spending time in Kerala during Christmas.

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