Places to Go for a Weekend Drive From Trivandrum

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Best Places to Go For a Weekend Drive From Trivandrum

If you are thinking of touring near Trivandrum, then one of the plausible options is to hire a car on rent and use it to one weekend near Trivandrum. IndusGo can help you for rent a car in Trivandrum in this regard. Let us discuss the places where one can go on a weekend drive from Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram. 


  • Neyyar Dam

This place contains both a dam and a sanctuary. If you are travelling with children, you should start your weekend trip with this Neyyar Dam. The Neyyar Sanctuary consists of a crocodile park, a lion safari, and a deer park. This place is so beautiful, that you will need 1-1.5 hours in this place to completely look around. The tranquillity of nature will amaze you. You need to start your drive at around 7 AM to get a soothing driveway. If you choose to come to Trivandrum in between November to the month of February, then you will get a soothing climate to drive. The time to reach this place is around 1hour. This may vary according to the distance from the place you get to stay in Trivandrum.


If you have children in the age group of 5-10, this is an ideal place to start your weekend trip. As mentioned that the trip is to be started at 7 AM, you need to call the car rental company and have the car delivered to your hotel at around 6 AM. There are small foothills where you can trek. Therefore, you can keep some trekking equipment with you that you can use either here or in the next weekend location. After you completely enjoy your visit around the Neyyar Dam and Sanctuary, you can start off for the next location, which is around another 1.5 hours of drive from this place. One suggestion would have an early lunch on the way of driving.



  • Ponmudi

This location is filled with tea and coconut plantations. The locales are breathtakingly beautiful. You will enjoy the scenic beauty both from the car drive and after you reach there. Once you reach there, it will take another hour to see the location. You will not get good restaurants near this place to have your lunch. Therefore, you should take your lunch before reaching this place. There are many hairpin curves while driving towards Ponmudi and that is why you need to be very careful while driving through those turns. You can walk through the plantations or drive through the way, whichever you like. However, walking will allow you to behold the scenic beauty in a better way.


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  • Thenmala Sanctuary

This sanctuary is built across the Kallar river. This location is only 15 kilometers away from Ponmudi tea plantations. Therefore, before crashing back to your hotel, you can take a look in the sanctuary and enjoy some sports and adventures. The most famous activities of Thenmala sanctuary is tree climbing and trekking. As mentioned earlier, if you are used to trekking, then bring some light trekking equipment along with you on the drive.  The meaning of the name of this sanctuary is honey hills. There is one waterfall that you can see before returning and the name of the waterfalls is Palaruvi waterfalls. There is a deer park just beside the Thenmala dam. Once this deer park ends, there is a park where children can play on various rides.



  • Mankayam Waterfalls

You can start your journey by travelling for 1.5 hours to Mankayam waterfalls. The waterfalls and the forest around can be visited by the tourists. Those who are starting their weekend trip early in the morning from the Mankayam waterfalls can take a bath at the Kurissadi ghats. This place opens as early as 8 am. So you can start at 6:30 in the morning, to take a bath before it starts crowding near the waterfalls.



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  • Poovar Coastal Regions

You can keep the last place to visit on this weekend trip as Poovar coastal regionsThis contains a very beautiful beach which is around 2-hour drive from the Mankayam waterfalls. If you are starting your trip with Mankayam waterfalls, then you can stay in a resort in Poovar and then go to visit the sanctuaries the next day from Poovar. The mangroves and the backwaters in this area are breath-taking and you need at least 3-4 hours to completely look around and enjoy the beauty.

Since there are a lot of hotels in this area, you will not have any problem with taking your lunch here. After your lunch, you can stay for another one hour over here, before heading back to Trivandrum. There are boating rides available in this place that will be a great attraction for the children. If you finish this location a little earlier than lunchtime, then you can take some time to visit another nearby location. This is the famous Kovalam beach. Here also you will get a lot of restaurants to eat. This place is around 12 kilometers away from Poovar.



There are quite a number of places where you can go on a weekend trip from Trivandrum. The only word of caution here would be that, you must know the roads really well. If you don’t then there are two options, one is to hire the private car with a driver. The other option is to hire a self-drive car and a GPS system inbuilt in it. You will also require a road map that can guide you regarding the alternate routes if one route is blocked due to some reason. You can also have a word with the managers of the car rental company in order to know the most used routes for these weekend destinations. If you are totally new to the locations mentioned above, then it will be better to take a chauffeur with you for the first time. When you will go on a weekend trip again, you can go on a self-drive car with your family.