Kattukunnu - the Unexplored Spot in Wayanad

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All You Need to Know About Kattukunnu - the Unexplored Spot in Wayanad


There are quite a few places which are favorite of trekkers in Wayanad, like Banasura hills, Chembra peak, and Kattukunnu hills. People come in these places to trek in the tranquility of nature. The trekking paths are more or less safe and filled with mesmerizing beauty around. If you rent a car in Wayanad you can easily reach the destination from the town. The trekking routes of Banasura hills and Kattukunnu are some of the best trekking paths for bachelors. The path of trekking is quite good and filled with lush green meadow. Not only trekking, you can also try cycling and camping in this area. The latter option is specially meant for college students and bachelors. If you choose cycling, then you will have to start from the Banasura hills.

Banasura Hills


These hills are near to Kattukunnu and very famous for paths created for trekking and cycling. If you choose to cycle, then you will have to start from these Banasura hillsIf you choose cycling, then you will also get to see the picturesque tea plantations as the route of cycling goes through them. You should book a cycling or trekking package via your travel agent. The trekking distance is within 20 kilometers and the height of the mountains is over 2000 meters. You have to bring the major necessities of trekking. You will be picked up from your hotel and based on the distance, it will take from a few hours to one whole night to reach Banasura hills. If it is an overnight journey, you will be taken to a hotel to take a nap before you start your trekking.

During your trekking, you may be lucky enough to see some deer or wild boars. Sometimes while you will be starting your trekking, you may get to see herds of elephants. After you finish trekking, you have two options, you can stay there overnight through camping, or you can come back to your hotel for the next day tour. Depending on the decision of the organizers who will be taking you for the trekking, you can be taken to the Banasura dam on the same day or on the next day. 

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Meenmutty Falls


The organizers can take you on the next of trekking Banasura hills to Meenmutty waterfalls. If time permits, then you can visit the Banasura dam first and then start for Meenmutty waterfalls. The falls lie at the height of 1000 feet and the road to this waterfalls goes through an adventurous jungle trek. If you are going to stay the whole day there, then you can bathe in that falls. In that case, you must bring some extra pair of clothes. The falls open for visitors from 10 am in the morning. You will get snacks for breakfast from the shops near the falls.

Kattukunnu Trekking

This mountain is near the Banasura hills. You can overlook the Banasura reservoir from the Kattukunnu Mountains. You can trek the Kattukunnu hills on the day after you visit the Meenmutty waterfalls. Since the hills are covered with trees, bushes, and shrubs, you can expect a lot of mosquitoes in this area. You need to cover yourself with mosquito repellent creams before you start your trekking journey. You can also keep some extra pair of clothes in case you would like to take a dip in the nearby lakes. Some parts of the mountains appear to be covered by the flakes of the cloud and it appears heavenly.

Mostly the trekkers go for trekking over the Banasura hills and on their way back, sometimes go to the Banasura dam. Therefore, you will find lesser tourists and trekkers in this area. This will be memorable for trekkers who are college students or bachelors. The trekking of Kattukunnu is generally over within 4-5 hours. If you have energy left, then you can take a nap on top of Kattukunnu and then start for trekking Sayippu Kunnu. You need to start very early in the morning to trek Kattukunnu as most of the trekkers have said that whether it is the Banasura hills or Kattukunnu, the valley areas become too hot by 10 am. Therefore, you have to quickly cover the grass valleys and go to the top. You will get to see some smaller waterfalls on the way, some of them have decreased to mere small streams due to the globalization and overheating.

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The next day, you will have to come back to the hotel from where you started trekking for Banasura hills. The organizers may take you that night back to the place you started. Otherwise, you can choose to stay that night in the hotel and then go back the next day, but that would incur an extra unnecessary cost. If you take a guide while trekking these hills then that would incur more cost. However, it is advisable that you take a guide while trekking Kattukunnu, Banasura and towards Meenmutty waterfalls. Otherwise, you will not be able to know the correct route and it would take more time to complete the trekking.

As these places are less crowded and have fewer shops around, you should also keep an ample amount of drinking water with you. Sometimes tourists take clear water from the streams to quench their temporary thirst. However, this is not a good idea as the water of these hilly areas are mostly the sources of diarrhea, cholera, and other water-borne diseases. Some other essential things especially, while trekking Kattukunnu hills are sunscreen lotion and sweaters. This is because there will be a lot of heat during the daytime on the valleys. As soon as the afternoon sets in and you are on the top of the hills, you will feel the cold. These things will not be provided by the organizing company. One last advice would be to include camping on the trip. Some tourists book the trekking tour without camping, but that will rip off a lot of fun. Camping is the main part of trekking. In fact, since trekking on Kattukunnu will finish quite early, you can take rest and stay the night by camping and start for trekking Sayippu Kunnu the next day. An even better option could be to trek both the hills on the same day and keep the entire night for camping.