Rent a Car in Wayanad

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Car Rental in Wayanad

Wayanad has very good connectivity with the rest of the Kerala and neighboring south Indian cities. Road transportation is well-established in Wayanad but it has no Train and Metro Rail Services. You can easily hire a Car/Taxi to reach everywhere in Wayanad. Self-Drive cars in Wayanad are cheap, secure and comfortable than any other transportation. So we are here to provide a rent a car in Wayanad. We love to help you to fulfill all your transportation needs by providing authentic rent a car in Wayanad.

Rent a Car in Wayanad

Wayanad is a beautiful hilly region situated in Kerala, the southern part of India. It is a land of green lushes, deep canopied forests, plantations, mysterious caves, exotic wildlife, and many sightseeing areas. Wayanad is rich in history and the place is blessed with viewpoints like none other.  Wayanad has the luxury to provide a home to diverse flora and fauna. This place along with sharing boundaries to two other states also shares eco-habitats with different species of wildlife in Bandipur and Mudumalai in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu respectively. 

Besides wildlife, Wayanad is also home for many tribal colonies. The caves and hills of Wayanad are of historical importance following the battles between the British and local rulers.  The major towns in the place include Kalpetta, Sultan Bathery, Vythiri, Lakkidi, Mananthavady etc. Edakkal cave, Soochippara waterfalls, Jain temple etc are only some of the many tourist attractions. 

 Wayanad being hilly has no railway lines. There are no airports in the district as well. However, if you hire the best rent a car in Wayanad, there are many road routes via Wayanad to other districts and states as Wayanad shares borders with Karnataka and Tamilnadu.  A 256 Kilometre road stretching from Bangalore through Gundlupet to Sultanbatery is the most famous interstate road. Similarly, there are different routes connecting Wayanad from all around. Even though you cannot enter Wayanad by flight directly, people generally use Kondotty, Mysore and Bangalore airports. But beware, there are no flights in the Mysore airport, but it is however functional.

The railway route can be accessed from Calicut if you prefer a train journey.  Public transport in Wayanad is very limited compared to the other districts in Kerala. You will hardly find buses with seats. Hence, rent a car in Wayanad is always a better choice. But it could cost you more than 1800 rupees per day. The better solution to travel is opting a rent a car in Wayanad by renting a car without a driver. While in Wayanad, do not forget to have fun by enjoying the bewitching natural beauty on wheels.

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