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Self-Drive Car For Rent in Punalur

Car For Rent in Punalur

While traveling, the most important concerns are Safety and convenience. Every traveler is concerned about the safety and another equally important factor is convenience. But it might not always be possible to bring your own vehicle. In such cases without compromising the convenience and freedom, the only option is self-drive car rental. To enjoy the best service, and experience your trip on your own terms, rent a car in Punalur from IndusGo. IndusGo has its self-drive car rental service in Punalur to enable the customers' hassle-free travel.

Car rental in Punalur

Punalur is a town in Kollam with an exceptional history of its own. There are few interesting facts about Punalur which give an insight into this town. This small town is known for being the pioneer in Kerala's Industrial revolution. This place is also known for its pineapples, timber, pepper, and plywood. A striking feature of this place is that; one of the oldest paper mills in the country was started in Punalur in the year 1886. Punalur happened to be the hub of Kerala's Industrial Revolution. Punalur is located 75 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram and it is near to Tamil Nadu. 

IndusGo has its service in Punalur also. For those who are planning a trip from Punalur, IndusGo is the best option. We even deliver the car at the railway station or at the place of your preference. We have flexible pick up and drop off points.

How IndusGo can Help to Rent a Car in Punalur


IndusGo is the best car rental agency in Kerala. We have services across the state provided for your convenience. With IndusGo, car rental is easy. You can just visit IndusGo site and fill in the details to hire your preferred car. Any person who would like to rent service from IndusGo should satisfy the eligibility criteria as mentioned under the ‘terms of use’ of the site. He should also have a valid driver’s license


IndusGo offers reasonable pricing for the customers. Base fare is per hour, the rates applicable to the vehicle + home delivery charges. With IndusGo, the user shall pay a per hour charge for renting the vehicle and a rate per kilometre driven. If there are any seasonal discounts available, the rates will decrease accordingly.

Tourist Attractions Nearby Punalur

 If you are a tourist, looking to explore Punalur and its surroundings, then don’t miss the following places.

Punalur Hanging Bridge

The main attraction in Punalur is the suspension bridge which was constructed by the British in 1877. It is the oldest motorable Bridge in Kerala. The suspension bridge was constructed to prevent wild animals from intruding human settlements during the colonial era. Contrary to the concrete bridge, the suspension bridge has a  shake while moving through it. That helped to ward off the animals from using the bridge and get into the human settlement.

Thenmala Ecotourism

Thenmala is the first planned eco-tourism in India. This place attracts foreign and domestic tourists alike. To reach Thenmala by train, the nearest railway station is Punalur. Boating, biking, mountaineering are the main attractions of this spot.

Jatayu Earth Center

Located 23 Km away from Punalur, Jatayu Earth's Center is another important location. The sculpture of a bird Jatayu, who sacrificed his life to save Sita and to stop the abduction by Ravan is the theme of the Sculpture. This sculpture is known as "the statue of Women safety and Honour". This is a rock theme nature park designed by  Rajiv Anchal

Why IndusGo Self-Drive Cars in Punalur?

IndusGo is a rent a car service from the house of Indus Motors, which has a strong network throughout Kerala. IndusGo also enjoys the status of being Kerala's first authorized car rental agency. Easy and quick access to IndusGo services is one of the best qualities of IndusGo. IndusGo will be of immense help if you do not own a car and if you are in an emergency. All vehicles of IndusGo are fully insured.  

To rent a car in Punalur you can simply book online with IndusGo. Easy and quick access to IndusGo services is one of the best qualities of IndusGo. IndusGo also has the attribute of being  Kerala’s first authorized car rental agency.

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