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Car For Rent in Kayamkulam

Kayamkulam, located on the western coast of Kerala, in Alleppey, was previously called Odanadu. The Rajiv Gandhi Combined Cycle Power Plant, one of the biggest thermal power plants in Kerala, which is run by NTPC is situated in Kayamkulam. The famous Krishnapuram Palace is also seen here. A self drive rental car must be really helpful to move around in Kayamkulam. IndusGo, being the first authorized rental car agency in Kerala, will serve you the best as we have flexible options to increase customer satisfaction and convenience.

Car Rentals in Kayamkulam

The Krishnapuram Palace which was constructed in the eighteenth century is presently used as an exhibition hall. Built on average Kerala-style design, it has the biggest wall painting in Kerala. The palace features many mural paintings and the famous double-edged Kayamkulam Sword. The museum is maintained by Kerala State Department of Archaeology. You can also visit the Cartoonist Shankar Memorial National Cartoon Museum and Art Gallery here. Azhikkal Beach and Valiya Azhikkal beach also known as Kochiyude Jetty are other popular tourist attractions in Kayamkulam. 

To explore every nook and corner of Kayamkulam, the most convenient option is to book a rent a car, so that you don't have to deal with a driver and explore all you want according to your will.

How IndusGo Can Help You to Rent a Car in Kayamkulam


Booking rent a car in Kayamkulam with IndusGo is quite easy. All you have to do is visit IndusGo website and fill in the details to hire your preferred car. Make sure that you comply with the 'terms of use' mentioned on the website. If are 21 years of age and holds a valid driving license, then you will have no trouble booking a self-drive rent a car from Indus Go. If a foreign national wants to hire a car with IndusGo, that person must have a valid driving license issued by the country where he is from or his passport was authorized from.


When it comes to pricing IndusGo have some policies to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. While booking, initially a refundable security deposit of Rs 5000 shall be charged from the client. But, please remember that it will be refunded within 7 working days of booking through the original payment method which was chosen by the client to make the payment. The charge is structured in the following format. Base fare is per hour rates applicable to the vehicle + home delivery charges (if applicable) where the user will be required to pay a per hour charge for renting the vehicle and a rate per kilometre driven.

Why IndusGo Self-Drive Cars in Kayamkulam

With IndusGo, you can enjoy flexible start and end for the service at an affordable price. You have a plethora of options for booking which will ease your journey. You can rent a car in Kayamkulam for weeks, for days and even by hours. IndusGo is completely flexible. There are providers who ask for a wholesome amount of money as a security deposit while renting a self-drive car in Kayamkulam. But since we are Kerala’s first authorized car rental agency, you can book a vehicle with very low-security deposit. Our customer-centered service ensures that your car is delivered to your location, which means that you don't have to come into the office to book your rent a car. 

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