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Kakkanad is one of the most important towns in Ernakulam. Known as the IT capital of the state, media hub, residential capital, etc., it has high prominence.  But, this has indeed turned the town really crowded. The traffic and similar roads are enough to confuse people. A self-drive car can really help you in Kakkanad rather than high priced cabs. 

IndusGo is a rent-a-car service brought forward by the house of Indus Motors. This service has now become a household name. It has maintained an exceptional sales tenure and has procured one of the top car dealership positions in India for more than a decade. Self-drive car services offered by IndusGo can help you in and around Kakkanad without much hassle.

Car Rentals in Kakkanad

Situated close to Kochi, the commercial hub of Kerala, Kakkanad is an important location in Ernakulam. It serves as one of the major industrial, commercial and residential area of the state. You will see plenty of residential apartments in the area. And all the roads in the locality will lead to one or many of the main commercial and tourist spots around the area. The projects like Cochin Special Economic Zone, Kinfra Industrial Park, Smart City, Infopark, etc., funded by the government for the advancement in industrial and technological developments in the state are located in Kakkanad.

By booking a rental car from Kakkanad, you can save yourself from the traffic hurdles, the nuisance of overpriced cabs and the troubles with crowd and heat.

Why Do People Love to Rent a Car From IndusGo?


 With IndusGo, car rental is now easy. You can just visit IndusGo site and fill in the details to hire your preferred car. But remember, any person desirous of enrolling as a user with IndusGo, should satisfy the following eligibility criteria as mentioned under the ‘terms of use’ of the site. According to that, a user should be of a sound mind and he should not possess any mental health records.

The person who is looking to hire the car with IndusGo must be a minimum of 21 years of age.  Indian Citizen who needs to hire the vehicle must possess a Valid Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) non transport Indian license for a minimum of last one year. This applicant must have a good driving record. If a foreign national wants to hire a car with IndusGo, that person must have a valid driving license issued by the country where he is from or his passport was authorized from.


When it comes to pricing IndusGo have some policies to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. While booking, initially a refundable security deposit of Rs 5000 shall be charged from the client. But, please remember that it will be refunded within 7 working days of booking through the original payment method which was chosen by the client to make the payment.

However, during limited-period offers, the security deposit amount can go down. But in case of any damages or losses, the amount can be deducted from the security deposit. It includes the charges pertaining to excess uses of the vehicles as well.  The charge is structured in the following format. Base fare is per hour rates applicable to the vehicle + home delivery charges (if applicable) where the user will be required to pay a per hour charge for renting the vehicle and a rate per kilometer driven.

The Attractions Which Invite You For Rent a Car in Kakkanad

The most sought out entertainment destination, Wonderla, the largest theme park in the state, is located near Kakkanad. Kakkanad is also famous for the library established there called, EMS Cooperative Library, housing over 70,000 titles is located at Kakkanad. Trinity World Tower is one of the biggest apartment projects in Kakkanad. There are 4 towers in Trinity World. Kakkanad is also famous for the number of Educational institutions located on the premises. Lulu mall, Fort Kochi Beach and Mattancheri are the other important attractions nearby.

Why IndusGo Self-Drive Cars in Kakkanad?

Renting a self-drive car in Kakkanad can be confusing. There is often chaos when it comes to pick up and drop off. The pricing can be tricky too.  IndusGo offers you self-drive car facilities at affordable prices to maximize convenience. With IndusGo, you can enjoy flexible start and end for the service. You have a plethora of options for booking which will ease your journey. You can book a car for weeks, for days and even by hours. IndusGo is completely flexible.

There are providers who ask for a wholesome amount of money as a security deposit while renting a self-drive car in Kakkanad. However, with IndusGo, you can book a vehicle with very low-security deposit. IndusGo provides a customer-centered service. It is not necessary for you to visit the office personally to rent a self-drive car, rather we make sure that the car is delivered at your location, wherever in Kakkanad you are. Remember, you have the option to book with or without fuel with IndusGo.

Kerala’s First Authorized Car Rental Agency.

 Are you worried about what happens to your security deposit or refund while booking a rental car? Well, at IndusGo, we auto process refund immediately than anyone. We are Kerala’s first authorized car rental agency. If you are in Kakkanad and looking for self-drive options, IndusGo guarantees the best service in the city.

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