Rental Car vs Taxi: Why Self-Drive Car Instead of a Taxi

Planning a trip but are confused amongst a rental car or taxi. This blog gives you a brief guide on top reasons to choose IndusGo self drive car rentals instead of hiring a taxi. Click here read more!

Feb 23, 2023
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Why Should You Choose Rental Cars over Taxis? 

Being a regular driver, you have a thorough knowledge of highways, roads, traffic rules, and bypasses. Traveling across any state location can be more enjoyable when renting a car in Kerala. There are multiple benefits of renting a car instead of hiring taxis. Self-drive rental cars are an affordable and excellent option, providing various advantages. Let us discuss some of those remarkable benefits of car rental services traveling across the city.

Rent a Cab/ Car: What are the Advantages of Renting a Car?

 1.  Number of Hours Using The Car or Taxi

Taxis come with a predefined number of hours for which you can hire them, which isn't the case with rental cars. While self-driving cars are available for an hour, 12 hours, or even a week, you cannot ride the same taxi for more than a day, which becomes a prominent advantage of renting a car over a taxi. Also, in most cases, one taxi cannot work for the same passenger for more than two to three hours, after which they are asked to board another.

 2.  Prices of a Rental Car and Taxi 

Price is one of the basic advantages of rental cars over taxis. Let us assume that you get a taxi dedicated for the entire day; there is no guarantee that you can get the same taxi every day for the same price. A company renting the self-drive cars has a fixed tariff for renting the car each day or for a week. You will find that different areas have different tariffs for letting you use a dedicated taxi for one day or, say, one week. 

Sometimes these rates are higher than private cars driven by drivers. If you belong to Kochi and need self-drive cars for rent in Kochi, you may get a car starting from Rs.70 per hour from IndusGo car rental services. It is highly doubtful that you will get taxis at this low price.

The rents of basic cars with minimum facilities start from Rs.999 per day  if you rent the car for the entire day. The rent will depend on the car's size and the number of hours/days you rent the car. You will never get taxis at such a low fare as IndusGo car services. 

Along with this, IndusGo offers free fuel, which isn't the case with taxis. Several passengers complain that when they  travel long distances, the cabs take extra money from them, naming that to the price of petrol. However, the tariff for the car rental service is fixed and quite moderate, even for a middle-class family.

 3.  The Comfort of Driving Yourself 

 You depend on the cab driver for the routes whenever you hire a cab. Although this problem is solved by GPS-enabled app cabs, the yellow cabs still don’t contain any GPS to take to the destination in a faster way. Instead, several tourists or passengers have complained that the yellow cabs take them via longer routes just to increase the bill,which doesn’t happen with self-drive cars - one of the many other advantages of rental cars over a taxi.

You can conveniently drive the car and take it to the destinations you wish on the route you choose. You need to specify the hours you require the car for and the pickup and drop location clearly in the agreement. Sometimesthe pickup and drop location creates a headache for the passengers when they try to hire  cabs. Let us try to address this problem next.

 4. Refusal When Booking a Taxi

 Many people have tried avoiding the yellow cabs and changed to app cabs, due to prolonged refusals.

After suffering from this over the years, the era of application cabs came. Initially, the service of the app cabs was good with no refusals, but due to some unknown reasons, the app cab drivers too started to cancel the upcoming bookings from their end. 

Avoiding the passenger calls is a brutal tactic that makes the passenger look guilty and imposes unwanted cancellation charges on them. All such issues do not exist for self-drive cars and thus count as another benefit of rental cars over a taxi.

Another significant advantage of choosing self-drive cars over a taxi is that when you are done with the car, you are the sole person to decide where to go and from where the rental company representatives will pick up the car, which is mostly free. 

 5.  The Curse of Peak Hours 

 It is known to everybody that extra charges and taxes are calculated on the yellow or app cab fare if you wish to go to a place during peak hours. As mentioned earlier, the charges of the self-drive cars are fixed and don’t vary depending on the peak and rush hours. So self-drive cars are much easier on the pocket than app cabs.


These are some of the listed benefits of renting a car which helps people to travel at their convenience. So, if you've been contemplating self-drive cars instead of a taxi, we believe the following post will help you choose.

Due to a lack of awareness, people presume that self-driven cars might not be an affordable option compared to cabs and taxis. However, considering the listed factors, the opinion will surely be different and prove that self-drive cars are an advantageous option for people versed in driving.

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