Economic One Day Trip Idea around Kochi

Are you planning to explore in and around Kochi in a day? Here is your guide on how to explore Kochi and how Indusgo can help you in that 1 day trip.

Feb 12, 2023
5 mins read

One Day Trip Ideas from Kochi

Are you someone with good driving experience and a resident of Kochi? If yes, plan a one-day tour to explore Kochi's different areas with this article's help. We have covered a wide array of tourist attractions in Kochi, which you can conveniently cover in a day's trip. 

One of the best ways to shortlist the places to visit in Cochin in 1 day is to hire a car rental company that provides rental cars at affordable pricing. With proper planning, distance, and location insights, you can cover different areas conveniently as a part of your one-day trip from Kochi. Let's discuss the tour plan, including all the places you can visit in a maximum one-day trip in the following segments.

How To Plan a One Day Trip to Kochi?

Planning a single-day trip is quite challenging when visiting a place like Kochi, which is full of attractions. Many tourists struggle with managing time to cover all the locations in a one-day trip from Kochi. It needs good planning, time management, and an excellent car rental service. 

Here, IndusGo car rental services provide a unique offering in doorstep car rental services. It provides an efficient car rental service that offers the flexibility to provide you with the car at your desired location and suitable time. It is one of the best options to undertake and explore one-day trip places in Kochi with the confidence of IndusGo providing you the self-drive cars for a day.

IndusGo car rental services offer you the utmost flexibility and freedom to make your Kochi trip memorable.

Best Places to Visit in Cochin in 1 day

1. Marine Drive

This place is almost 300 meters from your starting point and is a very popular hangout place among the young and hence must be included in tourist places in Kochi for one day trip.

It's built following the Mumbai marine drive model, which is also very popular among tourists. It is better to start your journey from the marine drives in both cities.

This place is very close and there is no entry fee, but you must pay car parking charges though. You can walk along the backwaters and watch the serene beauty. Shopping complexes, boat rides, restaurants, and other facilities are available in the marine drive. 

Even if you start early in the morning, you don't need to take food with you here, as you will find various restaurants. Although, you can keep some snacks to satisfy sudden hunger pangs if you plan to spend 40 minutes or more here.  

2. Mangalvanam bird sanctuary

The next destination is almost 1 km from the marine drive, which is Mangalavanam bird sanctuary. This is a wide bird sanctuary with an area of 2.74 hectares. This sanctuary consists of mangrove forests and more than 30 species of birds. 

Generally, it is not possible to visit the interiors of the sanctuary in a car. Still, you can make the most of your one-day trip in Kochi by parking it at the respective place and then walking around the sanctuary with your family. You will see a lot of varieties of plants here; however, if you don’t have a local guide with you, you will not be able to recognize those trees and plants.

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 3.  Jew Town

 Another worth visiting tourist places in Kochi for a one day trip is  the Cherai beach, which is around 25 kilometers away from this bird sanctuary. You would require at least 25 minutes to visit the bird sanctuary. Considering it's almost lunchtime , a suggestion here would be to come back to Marine drive and see some beautiful places on the other side 

Choose the next stop to be Jew town which is nearly half an hour ride from the marine drive, if you take Mahatma Gandhi Road. This is a place of antiques and artifacts where you  will get some nice antique showpieces to take away for your friends and relatives. There is a lot of metallic artware that can also be bought from here at moderate prices.

Here, you can look around for another half an hour and then go to a nearby restaurant to have lunch. If you are not hungry enough, you can pack your lunch from a restaurant here and move to the next location, Fort Kochi.

4. Fort Kochi

This historical place is ideal for Kochi one-day trip and is filled with the relics of the Dutch and Portuguese colonies. You can see the remains of the forts that were used to save the soldiers during wars. You will get to see many churches and synagogues in that place. To enter the synagogue, you need to come there before 1 pm. However, this seems to very unlikely, if you plan your trip to Kochi as mentioned here. You can enjoy lunch and watch the Dutch and Portuguese architectural styles together. Adjacent to Fort Kochi is the Mattancherry palace. 

5. Mattancherry Palace

The Portuguese bulit this place and gifted it to the King of Cochin in 1555. This  is one of the best places near Kochi for one day trip, and the area contains the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth, the Paradesi Synagogue. You can visit this synagogue right after you finish lunch, as this synagogue opens at 3 pm and remains open till 5 in the afternoon. 

A better approach would be to tour around Fort Kochi and when it is 3 pm, rush to the ticket counters of Paradesi Synagogue. One good thing is that there is no charge for children under 15. 

After spending 40-50 minutes at Fort Kochi, you can head for the Paradesi Synagogue where you can spend another half an hour, buy some snacks from the nearby shops, and head home. If you want to  buy some antiques for your friends, there are good antique and stationary shops that you can look around.


Finally, you will be extremely tired after undertaking the Kochi sightseeing one-day tour and visiting all popular tourist destinations. Towards the end, inform your car rental service provider about your final location, from where they can pick up the car.

Generally, the entire trip exploring Kochi takes nearly 12 hours, but the duration varies based on traffic and weather conditions. So, it's better to keep a buffer time for emergencies and inform your car rental service provider accordingly

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