Traveling Outside Kerala with Rental Cars

Jan 17, 2023
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Traveling Outside Kerala with Rental Cars

Being well versed in driving and dealing with the frequent requirement of traveling out of state, you must prefer to avail of the car rental services for such travel routines. In the learning phase of your driving, you can practice your driving skills within your locality through rental car services. While traveling to other states with Kerala car rentals, save your personal vehicle's car maintenance and parking cost. Hence booking these services can be highly cost-effective for your overall travel budget. Some of the best car rental services offer optimum discount coupons and rewards with the rental services. There might be variations in the rules of different companies for traveling with self-driven cars outside the state. You must go through the terms and conditions to avail of the services.  

Is it Okay to Travel to other States with a Rented Car from Kerala?

 The companies allowing the customer to take their car outside the state may indicate extra charges for taking it outside the state.  If you're confused about how to travel to other states with rental cars from Kerala, some companies may provide directions on what to do at the toll tax collection sites. You may alsoinquire about the rates for driving the car outside the state.

If the car rental company from whom you are hiring the car has its network spread in multiple states of India, then you can be sure that they will have provisions for taking the car outside India. If the car rental company that you want to hire the car from has their hubs in one state only, then there are very low chances that you will be able to drive the car outside the state.

 To know how far the network of the car rental company is spread, you can go through the car company's website The website will mention whether they have provisions for taking the car outside the state. In addition, you must check the terms and conditions of the car rental company. 

Why Should We Check Terms and Conditions of a Company while traveling outside the state?

1. Pick and drop conditions

When  going through the official website of the car rental company, you should go through the terms and conditions repeatedly. If you are taking the car out of the state, which is permissible by the car company, then you must keep in mind the dropping location of the vehicle. 

Many car rental companies that don’t have a network outside the state, keep the pickup location of the car same as the drop location.  Sometimes you may have to stay outside your state for quite a long time, and in that case keeping the same pickup and drop location becomes a problem.

2. Timeframe to take the car out of state

Speaking about time, you should check the maximum period  you are allowed to hire the car outside the state.  allow a maximum of 1 week and some may let you rent the car for a month. Now based on your requirement and the charges for the rent, you should hire the car from the company. While traveling outside Kerala with a rental car, most companies 

The car companies may charge you as high as Rs.500 per hour on the number of extra hours for late delivery of the car.  So, always cross -check how much you need to pay as a penalty for late delivery. Becoming late to deliver a car is  common among people when they go outside the state or district.

3. Speed limit regulations

 You  must be careful regarding the speed limits  maintained outside the state. The car companies will keep an eye on  your speed limit when you  go beyond the boundaries of your city.  It is because the car companies don’t want to fall  into a legal hassle when the government of other states locate some illegal speed driving from their cars.

However, if you  still indulge in speed driving off the limit in another state, along with the state penalties, you also  pay fines to the car rental company, which gets charged  once you deliver the car.  

The same applies to traffic rule violations, so ensure that the car you are driving outside the state doesn’t fall into any illegal traffic hassle. In that case, the respective state authorities may put you behind bars . Therefore, when renting cars to be driven outside the state, hire an experienced driver to drive the car.  

4Security Deposit terms

Lastly, the security deposits for driving the car outside the state may be higher than for driving within the city. The security deposits may vary between Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 10,000/-. So, always read the terms and conditions to find out the exact security deposit that you need to pay. 

 If, by any chance, your trip outside the state is canceled within 48 hours of the drive, you will be charged some cancellation fee. Therefore, before booking the car to be driven outside, ensure that you are traveling and determine for how long you need the car; else, you will be needlessly charged the cancellation fee.


You must consider these basic terms and conditions before traveling outside Kerala with rental cars. Understanding the requirements is a must-have to ensure they comply with your travel. Check out their official website or call them if you're confused at any step.

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