How to dispute on rental car damage claims

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Dispute on Car Rental Damage Claims

If you know how to drive and you don’t own a car, then one best solution to drive cars to your destination is to hire private cars. Although it is a really fulfilling experience, there are pros and cons to this. Firstly, the advantage of hiring a self-drive car from a car rental company is that you can use the car to go wherever you wish and using the route you choose. Along with this, you can use a private car to have a thrilling driving experience and yet, you do not need to take the life-long responsibility of the car. On the other hand, while experiencing the thrill of a long drive you may be unfortunate to get a dent in the car, that was not present their already. If you do so, then you might have to pay a hefty charge. 

In order to avoid paying such shocking charges, you need to drive the car safely back to the rental company. Otherwise, you can also show the car to the representative of the rental company at the drop location so that the rental company cannot charge you unnecessarily for a dent that was present on the car, prior to your drive. Now, let’s say that you accidentally landed some dents in the private car. Therefore, you will be in for someone tussle with the rental car company, regarding the compensation or damages that you have to pay. We will see here some points that you can keep in mind while putting your arguments to the company for paying if you damage a rental car.


Points to Remember When Dispute on Rental Car Damage Claims

1. Suppose that the car company is claiming that you have made irreparable physical damage to the car and have slapped a hefty fee upon you, then you need to show some proof as to what you have done and what you haven’t. One method to do so is to get a written document from the car owners about the condition the car was in when you took the car and when you handed it over to their representatives. These forms are available with the car company. Many times either the person taking the car on rent doesn’t pay attention to the car condition while taking possession of the keys or he signs the form about the car condition blindly. In both of these cases, you might get slapped with a notice of the damage you haven’t done. 

Therefore, read the documents carefully before signing it. If the correct car condition is not mentioned in the forms you are about to sign, make the company owners modify the form and make the necessary changes. For example, let’s say that you are hiring a Nissan Micra from the company whose bumper has a huge dent already. If the document while taking the car mentions, that there is a minor dent in the front of the car, do not sign the form, unless the owners agree to write down the exact condition of the bumper on that paper. Keep these documents with you in proper condition. If the company unnecessarily charges you, you can take legal proceedings with those papers.

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2. Take photographs of the car along with the representative of the car company. You should do this both at the time of picking up the car and dropping it off to the representative. This way, they will not be able to deny that they have not got the car in proper condition from you or they handed you a proper car and you damaged it severely. Always remember to take the photograph along with the representative. This will be a proof of your innocence.


3. In order to avoid any surprise notice, it is better to scrutinize the car yourself before handing it over to the rental company. Have a discussion with the representative, if you have found a new dent after you have driven the car. Make sure you and the representative(s) agree with the condition of the car, that is, as good as pickup or received with minor damages, etc., and write the form while releasing the car back to the company accordingly. If the representatives have any doubt that should be cleared before signing the form and releasing the car to them. Make sure you have a copy of that form with some words written and signed by the representative certifying the condition you have submitted the car. In case of a dispute, you can show the form along with the sign.


Lastly, if your photographs and signed forms are not working and they are still pestering you with unfair charges, then you should go to the consumer forum and produce the proofs there. If your claim is proved to be correct, the court will give the judgment in your favor, and you can charge a hefty compensation from the car rental company for the harassment they did to you.